JUARA Full Page Feature in Marie Claire!

Available to purchase here:

New London goes global.

Abby is on air around 2:40 in the video and then again at the end. Enjoy!

Pati Dubroff Gives Us Weekly a Pretty Peek Inside Her Professional Makeup Kit: Get a Load of All the Glamorous Goods Celebrity Beauty Nov. 11, 2014 AT 8:00PM By Candace Amos

Beauty junkies unite!  
Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff gave Us Weekly a look at her professional makeup kit in the new issue, on newsstands Nov. 12. The pro totes 100 pounds of shimmering eyeshadows, peachy blushes, and cool lipsticks, to gussy up Charlize Theron, Kate Bosworth, and Julianne Moore.

Boiron Homeoplasmine 40 gram size, $24.99.



Bioderma Crealine H2O 500ml, $40.


Look at this adorable pic/article featuring our very own Wesley. Here is a great interview with Inside Beauty's Ulrich Lang

FA LA LA LA FRIDAYS-- Every year at Christmas time The New London Pharmacy hosts the "Fa la la la Fridays".

How To Do NYC Like A French Girl by Carrie Hojnicki Sep 21, 2014 Refinery29

New London Pharmacy
It's a universal truth that French pharmacies contain all sort of magic elixirs that remain elusive to even the most sophisticated cosmetic houses in the U.S. market. Instead of begging your jet-setting best friend to pick up your favorite Klorane shampoo or La Roche-Posay moisturizer on her next trip to the beauty motherland, get your fix by making a trip to New London Pharmacy. The Chelsea store may not seem like much from the outside, but enter and voilà: the best stock of French products in the city.

New London Pharmacy, 246 Eighth Avenue (between 22nd and 23rd streets); 212-243-4987.

August 8, 2014 Shopper Stalker: New London Pharmacy, C.O. Bigelow By Jayme Cyk

What's in Rachel's Bag?
Shopper: Rachel Glube
Date/Time: 7.9.2014, 11:55 a.m.
Store: New London Pharmacy
Location: 246 8th Avenue, New York
Total Spent: $161.44
While her two daughters were at camp, stay-at-home mom Rachel Glube went to New London Pharmacy, a store she’s frequented since she moved to Chelsea in 1998. “I know most of the people who work here and they’ve helped me over the years to find brands and products that work,” says Glube. “I go out of my way to come here. If there is something I can buy somewhere else, I won’t get it there, I’ll get it here.” The 41-year-old, who spends $1,000 annually on beauty, usually gets recommendations via the apothecary rather than blogs or magazines. “The personal attention you get here you don’t get everywhere,” she says. “Coming here is not just about beauty for me, but about wellness.” For Glube, beauty is also about having fun. “It’s to get a splash of color,” she says, “or to break up the monotony of the day.”




New-london_post / 5 Under-The-Radar European Beauty Finds To Try Now by Wendy Rodewald-Sulz

Beauty standards differ depending on where you are in the world, and so do the products that promise to make you prettier. In our Globetrotter series, we highlight our weirdest and most worthwhile finds from overseas.
Abby Fazio is as passionate about discovering under-the-radar beauty products as we are. Fazio co-owns and operates New London Pharmacy, a 50-plus-year-old apothecary store in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The pharmacy isn’t just a mecca for makeup artists and beauty junkies in search of cult finds from brands like RMS Beauty and Kevyn Aucoin, but also the only place to buy certain overseas-based brands in the U.S. We asked Fazio to spotlight a few of her current favorites from Europe that no beauty globetrotter should be without.


How to Grow a Beard Without Looking Like Sasquatch Wednesday, September 18, 2013, by Racked Staff

Welcome to Guys Buys, our new weekly segment dedicated to our male readers and the ladies who shop for them. Each week, our Menswear Specialist Mickey Sery will bring a roundup of seasonal products for men—whether you need some style assistance or just like to shop.


Besides scenting your beard this balm also tames flyways and can help soften your cuticles. Jao Beard Scent, $28 at New London Pharmacy 


Fall: that time of year when guys whip out the flannels and grow out their beards. If you've never attempted facial hair, now's the perfect time to try—but depending on the texture of your whiskers, you might need help to keep them in order. We've rounded up ten products to help you tame that facial hair so that you don't look like a beast.

Pro tip: Let your hair grow for a couple of weeks, then go to a beard-friendly barber to have it trimmed and shaped. You can follow the shaving lines the professional made, which that takes a lot of the guess work out of it.
· All Guys Buys Posts [Racked NY]



Light It Up: 20 of New York City's Best Candle Stores Wednesday, March 5, 2014, by Laura Gurfein

Are you sad that you missed the Diptyque sample sale last week? Or perhaps after reading our epic line blog (and the ensuing comment thread), you're relieved to have avoided it. Either way, we can all agree that candles are one of the simplest ways to enliven the spirit of any New York City apartment.

After the jump, we've rounded up 20 shops that boast an awesome candle selection. There's a mix of places here, from high-end department stores carrying the top names to boutiques specializing in locally-made or eco-friendly waxes. Check out the map to find out where you can stock up on candles without enduring a line for the ages.


New London Pharmacy

At this specialty shop that carries apothecary goods from across the pond, you can stick with a familiar candle brand like Tocca or Jonathan Adler, or you can try something new like Fragonard Parfumeur.





Glorious – Pass it on… – March 31, 2014 New Fragrance Listing Submitted by Gwen on Mon, 03/31/2014 - 09:37



Cause it’s in my hood, I tend to drop in often over the course of a visit and spend hours going over the perfume lines they carry with SA extraordinaire Desiree Monroe. A renowned make-up artist, Desiree is a great resource - she really knows her products and her perfumes. So, there I was last month, swooning over the D.S. and Durgas, when my nose caught something else. “What are you wearing?” I asked Desiree. “Oh, it’s my new favourite perfume. Glorious by Boadicea the Victorious.” she said, “I just love it. Abby loves it too. She wears it all the time.” That would be Abby Fazio, owner of New London Pharmacy.

...Read the full article here:


Posted on June 15, 2014 at 7:27 pm BeautyView: Abby Fazio, Owner, New London Pharmacy

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 7:27 pm
BeautyView: Abby Fazio, Owner, New London Pharmacy

Abby Fazio, Owner, New London Pharmacy
New London Pharmacy has been on my “partner target list” for Alchimie Forever for about 5 years. I love the team, the brands, the friendly atmosphere in this beauty boutique. I also have always felt that the owner, Abby Fazio, and I would get along, as business partners as well as friends. I couldn’t have told you why… it was a feeling.
Today, Alchimie Forever is in New London – and I finally had the chance to get to interview Abby yesterday and learn more about her story. And I now have further confirmation that gut feelings and instincts never fail me. I knew we would get along, and now that I know about her, I know why.
Here are just some of the reasons I feel that we are kindred spirits. She works in a family business. She owns New London with her husband John, and her daughter Eleni has been working there for 6 years already. She believes things happen for a reason (including failed first marriages). She loves to-do lists. She feels like she has to be in control. She believes in karma and that anything you do (good or bad) will come back to you. She spends part of her summer in Greece and like me tries to hold on to that feeling when she comes back to the US – unsuccessfully. She is inspired by powerful, successful women (in what she believes is still a man’s world). And she is worried that her Greek family’s rituals and traditions are slowly getting lost on this side of the Atlantic. I ask her about her favorite one, and she tells me she never brushes her hair at night in front of the mirror. “My Mom always told me not to… It is bad luck. And this was one out of the 100 pieces of advice she had for me. Of course, I tell my daughters, but they mostly laugh.” Well, perhaps I will quit doing that and help that tradition live on on this side of the Atlantic…
Spending time with her yesterday to interview her for this blog post only made me want to spend more time with her! Perhaps one day we will meet up in Greece… Indeed, she summarized the magic of Greece better than I could have:
“Going back to Greece is like reinventing and rejuvenating myself. I come back with new ideas and more strength. More hope. When I go back to Greece, I don’t go back to something fancy – I go back to something simple. I look at olive trees every day. I hang out with my brother at his bar and look at the sunset every night. I listen to the sound of the sea. Being outside makes a big difference.”
AP: What city were you born in? AF: Corfu, Greece. I came to this neighborhood when I was 6.

Read more here:



‪#‎summer‬ ‪#‎event‬ Summer Beauty Event at New London


The handsome and talented Mordechai from Yarok ready with his "weapons"




Our very own Abby Fazio and her summer picks
 The lovely Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty and her friend at New London



All photos courtesy of:

Dee Guerreros

twitter/instagram @deemgphoto


Yarok Feed Your Volume for Luscious-Looking Locks... OK magazine Australia


New London Pharmacy and Joanna Vargas Share a Wellness Philosophy May 21st, 2014

New London Pharmacy and Joanna Vargas Share a Wellness Philosophy
May 21st, 2014
New London Pharmacy and Joanna Vargas Spa, both in NYC, share a common holistic philosophy of wellness.  Their goal is similar: to provide current information and services for achieving optimal health of skin and body using natural remedies sold in a tranquil environment.   This is why the Joanna Vargas skincare line is now sold at the Pharmacy.  As a matter of priority they build lasting relationships with their clientele by thoughtfully advising and addressing inquiries delivered by their eloquent and professional staff.
The worldly personnel found at the New London Pharmacy are fluent in no less than 8 languages for ease of communication, no matter the origin of the customer.  Their approach to better health is summed up perfectly by their site’s quote from Audrey Hepburn:  “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” New London understands wellness is partially a state of mind and part balanced health—physical, emotional and mental.

What products are available at New London Pharmacy?
In 1977 the husband and wife team John and Abby Fazio took on the New London Pharmacy with forward thinking ambition.  Since then they have carried exceptional brands of natural health products that uplift overall wellbeing.  In 2007 they launched their signature New London Restoration Supplements in addition to their other superior wellness products they supply.  There is a top selection of these medical and grooming options to choose from in an easy alphabetical menu on their website.  The selection ranges from: face, body and hair care to fragrances, pharmaceuticals, sunscreens and cosmetics.
Now it’s no surprise that the Pharmacy’s choice of botanical face care helps maintain the rejuvenating effects of professional facials for a longer duration, since aligning themselves with Joanna Vargas Salon’s namesake skincare line.  Given this alliance it’s apt that they should also quote Lauren Bacall:  “I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.”
In their dedication to the health of their customers, owners and licensed pharmacists, John and Abby Fazio, have traveled extensively and researched a global and local array of traditional and homeopathic remedies for just this purpose.  Cleansers, exfoliants, serums and moisturizers of the New York based Joanna Vargas Spa are also among the premium quality products available at this holistic pharmacy located in Chelsea.
Celebrating 50 Years…
With its impeccable service and a selection of premium imports, the New London Pharmacy has maintained its household name for 50 years as a rare and precious gem for complete wellness.   And for those who seek a consultation, the pharmacy offers private and relaxed respite to discuss your personal and medical needs.
Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…
- See more at:

Hidden Beauty Gems by Parisian to Be ...Sunday, April 27, 2014

Many things these days are manmade. In other words, you won't find plastic lying on the side of the road--unless someone recognized it as the nearest trashcan, of course. That's what makes a gem so beautiful: nature's beauty in the purest form. But the key component of such a luxury is its mandate of scouting. That's what a beauty gems are: kick ass, gorgeous products that, unfortunately, take a little hunt to have in possession. But, once they're tangible, it's worth the mission.

How To Look Good When You Feel Like Crap by Editor: Cliché Wynter

Whether you've got the post-drinking sweats, a cold-induced break out, sleepless dark circles and questionable breath, it is possible to look fabulous when you feel like crap. No matter how early your morning or how big the occasion, these fail safe tips will see you looking your radiant best again in no time at all.
We've all woken up sick, tired, and hungover from time to time. It sucks. Unfortunately for us, while we're feeling under the weather, the world continues to turn with zero mercy.

So what to do when you have red skin, puffy eyes and hair that's nothing short of toxic, yet need to face mankind?

We spoke with Dermatologist, Dr. Debbie Palmer, founder and creator of REPLERE, a natural, antioxidant-based skincare line, Abby Fazio, co-owner of New London Pharmacy, and Shanice Wynter, beauty guru of The Girly Blog, for their advice on how to look our best when we're feeling our absolute worst.

1. Get drinking

No - we're not talking about having a Bloody Mary. If you need to look human fast, Abby says reach for the water as soon as you wake up, "It seems counter-intuitive but drinking as much H2O as you can will flush toxins and reduce puffiness."
Dr. Palmer agrees: "After a long night of drinking, your skin and body become dehydrated. You can reverse this by drinking plenty of water or coconut water to replenish the body and by applying topical moisturizers to hydrate the skin."

Abby loves Sepai Tune It For Face Paparazzi a moisturizer which can add a glow your complexion and take away redness. What could be better?

2. Banish puffy eyes

A bad night's sleep can leave you with inflamed skin and puffy, swollen-looking eyes. But there is a way to banish them before breakfast.

Dr Palmer says, "Steep 2 green or black tea bags in hot water for 3 minutes then place the cooked bags in the refrigerator to chill. When cold, apply to the eyes for 5-10 minutes as needed. For those who are short on time, washing your face with cold water can also have some benefit."

3. Drink more wisely

If you want to take a preventative approach to dreary skin post drinking, Abby reccomends Bytox, the pre-drinking patch packed with vitamin B and other essentials. Wish we'd know about that yesterday!

4. Make your skin regime work

Your usual cream cleanser or face wipe routine might not cut it when you're really feeling bad. Instead invest in some high performance skincare to help you on days where you're not your best. Dr. Palmer recommends applying topical antioxidants to reverse inflammation caused by over drinking or illness.

She says, "Antioxidants are a great hangover cure! For a quick skin pick me up, exfoliate with an alpha or beta hydroxy acid to get rid of that dull top layer of skin and to reclaim your glow!"
Replere's Skin Tonic and Day Lotion are packed full of all you need to give your lack luster skin the brush off.

5. Cucumber trick

Dark circles always give you away if you're feeling lousy. Fade them by applying cucumber slices or pads. Abby suggests using Caswell-Massey who have some cucumber eye pads that do just as good a job - and last longer.

6. Caffeine hit

Follow your cucumber routine with a caffeine infused eye cream like vbeauté's Eye Never® Nourishing Repair Eye Crème. As Abby says, when you feel like crap, nothing works better than caffeine to pep you up - "internal and external!"

Better make it a double espresso today.

7. Foundation

If you're suffering with patchy red skin, Shanice believes in the power of makeup - and so do we.

Her key words? "Conceal and accentuate. Apply your foundation all over to even out the overall skin tone, paying special attention to the red blotches around the nose. Light application is key, as to not look caked on. You aren't trying to go for a makeup look, you're trying to look like you again."

She can say that again!

8. Go mad with mascara

Ah mascara. It's always there for us when we need it. And if we've woken up feeling like a mummified relic it's the only thing that's guaranteed to help us back to the land of the living.

Shanice argrees. She says, "it's a staple to any makeup routine to brighten your face. You can forget the pesky eyeliners because a good mascara can do the trick."

From opening up your eyes, to giving you a polished, defined look, don't even think about leaving the house without it. Shanice recommends: CoverGirl's Bombshell Volume By LashBlast Mascara. It literally works miracles.

9. Concealer, concealer, concealer

Say goodbye to the eye bags and hello to MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer - Shanice swears by it. Just sweep under your eyes and pat in with your ring finger to make dark circles disappear. Magic hey?

10. Lipstick

A red pout is an absolute must to make you look half normal when you're feeling a shadow of your former self. A bold red lip will have everyone fooled that you're feeling bold on the inside too. Pft. So easy!

11. Glow

Highlight yourself to health. No one will suspect you're feeling terrible if you have glowing, radiant skin. We're obsessed with Benefit's High Beam. Works like a charm.

12. Get zesty

Whether you're ill or just feeling the effects of the night before, the chances are you're going to need a little help from the fragrance world. Spritz a perfume with citrus notes to instantly energize your senses. Thierry Mugler's Alien has notes of mandarin for a zesty start to the day.

13. Hair mare

That massive can of dry shampoo you bought is finally about to have its moment. Shake it, spray it on your roots then massage your hair until the powder residue disappears. Now it looks half-clean bung it up into a gentle top knot, but not too tight, or try plaiting your hair into a fishtail braid. These are easy to do hairstyles that are still chic and don't need to be too neat either.

Thank Gawd!


happi Magazine...February 2014

image image

Story: New Products

Editor: Christine Esposito

Item: Orange Verte Soap



Thursday, January 16, 2014 A Must-Have Product - A Bioderma Makeup Remover Review ...Sasha's Delights

Today I would like to share with you the best make up remover - by BIODERMA. In addition to removing your eye make up, you can also use it on your face. However, I cherish it, so only my eyes get this good stuff ;)

Posted on August 17th, by What Men Should Smell Like in Scent Adventures

Scent Adventure – Following the L Train- Brooklyn to the Meatpacking District


Exiting the Highline on West 22nd Street I visited the New London Pharmacy. It had been mentioned on the Basenotes forum as a place to buy perfume in New York. Chelsea as an area wasn’t very desirable. My local gay friends called it the gay ghetto. Amongst the adult shops of 8th Avenue the New London Pharmacy looked like any other pharmacy. With the exception it carried odds and ends by niche perfume brands like The Different Company, Hierbes de Ibiza and Lorenzo Villoresi. I was more interested in the old stock that stretched along the back wall into a “staff only” area. I asked the storekeeper what old stuff he had. He began bringing boxes out with the reply, “this is old and this is discontinued.” I sensed he must get perfume collectors visiting the pharmacy regularly, as he seemed to know how to separate his perfume copper from gold. My vintage collection is relatively comprehensive but I couldn’t resist leaving with a bottle of the extinct Balenciaga Pour Homme, Monsieur de Givenchy and an old bottle of Hermes’ Caleche.

Nuxe Prodigieux le Parfum – As Perfect As The Oil...DALY BEAUTY

I will start this by telling you I had a dear friend mule this perfume over from France for me- as far as I know it’s not available in North America. I’ve inquired with Nuxe but have heard nothing back yet- I will update this post if I do. Update: I have been informed that The New London Pharmacy in NYC carries this perfume! It is not on their website but if you aren’t in NYC and can’t pop in, just give them a call! It’s a terrific shop!

GOTHAM By Anne-Marie Guarnieri Face Up to It When you take care of your complexion, you give that special someone a reason to get closer. It's just that simple.

10. Baxter of California Facial Scrub ($12). Available at New London Pharmacy, 246 Eighth Avenue, 212-243-4987. 11 Read more at
10. Baxter of California Facial Scrub ($12). Available at New London Pharmacy, 246 Eighth Avenue, 212-243-4987.

New London Pharmacy Visit...PIX11 Morning News... 02/06/14 by Lisa Mateo Reporter

Snail slime new facial ingredient

NEW YORK (PIX11) It’s east meets west as a lot of Asian beauty ingredients are making their way into the United States.

Lisa Mateo talked with beauty expert, Jeanette Zinno (@jeanettezinno),  about the beauty products from Asia that incorporate wild ingredients like snake venom, red snapper and coral.


My favorite New York City beauty boutiques by Adamant About Beauty

My favorite New York City beauty boutiques

There are many ways to discover, or rediscover a city. Through its restaurants. Through its wine bars. Through its parks. And, through its beauty boutiques and pharmacies. Last week I spent three days in the Big Apple, and I had the opportunity to return to many of my favorite New York City beauty boutiques – beauty destinations you can only find in the Big Apple. Next time you go there, stop by any of these and discover the wonderful beauty products they source from around the world.

Aedes de Venustas (9 Christopher Street)

This is truly one of the most beautiful, elegant, magical beauty boutiques I have ever visited (indeed, Aedes de Venustas means Temple of Beauty in Latin). The décor is decadent, dark, and velvety. I always imagine I am walking in to a German medieval castle when I enter. Karl Bradl, the owner, specializes in unique, hard to find, exquisite perfumes, candles, and home fragrances. My two favorites, which make perfect holiday or hostess gifts, are the Feu de Bois by Dyptique (my mother’s favorite), and the Aedes de Venustas candle that was a collaboration with L’Artisan Parfumeur (I always save the beautiful purple candle container once the wax is gone).

Carnegie Hill Pharmacy

There are two locations, one on 1331 Madison Avenue and one on W55th and Broadway, recently opened. Owned by David (the pharmacist) and Valerie (his model-like business partner and wife), this pharmacy stocks European brands first and foremost, including such favorites as Nuxe, Caudalie, Gewhol, Natura Bisse, and of course Alchimie Forever. Go there too for hard to find supplements, and the perfect cure for any ache or ailement.

Clyde’s Chemists (926 Madison Avenue)

Pharmacy meets boutique department store is how I think of Clyde’s, a beauty institution on the Upper East Side. The back pharmacy area is extremely well stocked and feels like a beauty supply store, filled treasures waiting to be discovered. The front of the boutique, however, feels like the beauty floor at Barney’s. European favorites have their own counters, including Clarins and Guerlain, while you can also find niche boutique brands such as Clark’s Botanicals. Their fragrance selection is significant, and their men’s section your go to for Zirh, Anthony Logistics, and more. The best part? The team that makes your shopping experience civilized, pleasurable, and fun. And the fact that sometimes clients walk in and know of Alchimie Forever and my father, Dr. Luigi L. Polla, because they have visited him at Forever Laser Institut in Geneva!

C. O. Bigelow (414 Sixth Avenue)

Ian Ginsberg owns and runs this beauty destination, which has been in his family for three generations, and was initially opened in 1838. This store is such an institution that it has is own Wikipedia listing. Not surprising… you just need to list to Ian speak for 5 minutes to understand his passion and know-how. A pharmacist by trade, he likes to work with brands that are hard to find and nice to work with. His team has been with him for 10+ years, a testament to both management and the staff. Go there for the experience, and for the best selection of NARS, Rilastil, and Oribe.

There are many ways to discover, or rediscover a city. Through its restaurants. Through its wine bars. Through its parks. And, through its beauty boutiques and pharmacies. Last week I spent three days in the Big Apple, and I had the opportunity to return to many of my favorite New York City beauty boutiques – beauty destinations you can only find in the Big Apple. Next time you go there, stop by any of these and discover the wonderful beauty products they source from around the world.

New London Pharmacy (246 Eight Avenue)

The owner of New London, Abby Fazio, a Greek pharmacist, fascinates me. She knows her customer like the back of her hand, loves skin care above all (in particular oils and balms), and has a passion for bringing foreign lines to the US (she was the first to offer The Organic Pharmacy). She believes in the balance of body and mind, and in the need to treat both for optimal health and wellness – through medical services, homeopathy, and natural remedies. She also works with her husband (they have been involved in New London since 1977), and listens to her daughter’s preferences when selecting new brands. When you visit, make sure you take the time to meet the delightful Wesley, who always has the perfect answer to all of your beauty and grooming questions – and always answers with a smile.

Kahina Argan Oil Feb. 2014 U.S. Edition of ELLE


Tip NY: New London Pharmacy ...Oficina Chic, August 23

It is no secret that we Brazilians love a gringa pharmacy . The variety of products and brands is much higher, prices and friendlier.
And New York offers you a lot more in addition to Walgreens , CVS and Duane Reade , discovered the  New London Pharmacy , there you will find exclusive and hard to find brands in the U.S. as Bioderma , Homeoplasmine ... There I found the darling Bioderma makeup remover , and of course I could not resist.  unmissable Purchases certainly recommend too! 

Address:  New London Pharmacy - 246 Eighth Avenue, Chelsea, New York.

Louis Vuitton City Guide New York



Unusual skin care products growing more popular Monday, September 30, 2013 Lauren Glassberg ABC Eyewitness News

NEW YORK -- Women have been known to do a lot of bizarre things in the name of beauty.

Right now, there are some unusual treatments that are growing in popularity.

And these treatments or products all involve creepy crawlies, and that may be enough to scare some folks off. but for others it could mean a version of the fountain of youth.

"I use the snail's extract because it's super moisturizing," said Diana Seo.

Yes, you read correctly. Diana uses snail extract to moisturize the skin. It actually comes from snail slime, and it's turned into a powder, which she mixes along with collagen and Vitamin C: for facials.

"It's great for sensitive skin, for dry, deyhdrated, but most New Yorkers are sensitive to their aging," Seo said.

And a painless machine called "Dep" helps the snail slime mixture penetrate the skin and plump wrinkles.

Diana is Korean, and apparently snail slime is not unusual in Korea.

The version at Diana's B Spa Salon may be preferable. It certainly leaves you glowing.

At New London Pharmacy, unusual skin care beauty expert Jeanette Zinno shows us some unusual products, starting with the Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle line.

It uses syn-ake, a synthetic version of snake venom.

"Basically, it's made with a kind of snake essence peptide, and it almost freezes wrinkles," said Zinno.

But unlike snake venom, there's no bite or pain involved. And then there's the Taut line of products.

"Taut Premium Collagen is a nutri-cosmetic which is a nutrition supplement, so think of food for your skin," Zinno said.

Literally because this product you drink, and the active ingredient she says is collagen made from red snapper.

"You'd think it tastes like fish, but it's flavored with orange juice, so it's like taking a shot of OJ every night before bed,"said Zinno.

And firmer skin may result in two to four weeks.

"It's systemic so it works throughout your body," she said.

So whether you're ingesting the product or slathering it on, remember the creatures that go into making you look good.

"Women go really far to find the best, newest ingredients in beauty, so why not try it," said Zinno.

And there is cost: products we featured range from 45 dollars and up. and the snail extract facial is 348 dollars.

Snail extract facial:

Snapper collagen and syn ake venom products:



why you need retinol...according to dawn September 26, 2013

When it comes to skincare, certain things are just a given. Like washing your face, for example, and applying the right amount of SPF. Nobody’s perfect, and we have all forgotten a step here and there along the way. There is one thing however, that should definitely be part of your “ritual” and it’s retinol. Prescription-grade or not, this topical formula is a highly effective way of renewing the skin and simply smoothing things out.

REN Skincare last summer brought to market its Retinoid Serum. This concentrated product worked so well on my skin, I thought for some time I would never need to ask my derm again for a prescription. This fall, the brand doubled the retinol offering with a concentrated Retinoid Anti-Ageing Cream. Yes, REN Skincare is determined to make you look that much younger.

So what exactly, is this potent vitamin A derivative all about? Pharmacist, President and Owner of New York’s New London Pharmacy Abby Fazio is an advocate of retinol, in any form that suits one’s skin. I had the opportunity to lunch with her this month and got the scoop on why we need it (for our skin’s sake) and what her faves are.

According to Abby, vitamin A (retinol) should always be applied at night because too much sunlight diminishes its active ingredients. Also, as the stuff gets to work on your skin, it can cause flaking, and we wouldn’t want that happening in the middle of the work day!

As a pharmacist fulfilling prescriptions, Abby prefers the “gel” version of Retinol (marketed as Retin-A micro) for how quickly is absorbs and also how concentrated it is. The cream works well, too, but for most skin types the gel works well. Retinol  also finds its way over the counter, meaning New London and other outlets offer variations of it that don’t require a prescription. Some of Abby’s fave’s:

Alaur Continuous Super Retinol which helps with pigmentation and is highly concentrated, REN Skincare’s Bio Retinoid Concentrate (which, according to Abby, is perfect for those with sensitive skin) and Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Infusion, which contains vitamins C, E and a “time-released” compound of retinol. These made the cut, but there is always prescription-grade retinol which should last for months, even with daily use. If it’s prescribed, Abby says, it is strong enough in a sense that a little will go a long way.


New London Pharmacy, a premiere local pharmacy Chelsea area, is now offering ELANVEDA's product line

New London Pharmacy launches ELANVEDA 's Ayurveda-inspired product line of natural essential oil formulas and grown-in-the-wild dietary supplements 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      "Customer Service is our Mission" "Customer Service is our Mission" PRLog (Press Release) - Aug. 17, 2013 - NEW YORK -- New London Pharmacy teams with ELANVEDA to continue their successful approach of blending traditional medical treatments, homeopathy, and natural remedies by offering a diverse assortment of essential oil formulas and dietary supplements inspired by Ayurveda. The company is known in the local area for its wide selection, customer care, professionalism, and attention to the finest details for each customer experience. "It is essential for companies who offer our products  to understand how natural remedies can be used as alternative solutions for everyday illness," said Dan Palmer, chief executive officer and founder of ELANVEDA, Inc. "Today's health-conscious  consumers are in tune with their bodies,  study available products, and know where to purchase them". In the case of New London, success is demonstrated by the growing group of loyal customers and numerous write-ups in the news.     The Chelsea area of New York City is an ever-changing mix of people, business, and available services. Businesses that thrive there have to stand out and offer a unique experience to each customer just like New London Pharmacy.  Mr. Palmer explains. "Any company attempting to address common everyday illness should offer multiple options to their customers." New London is a perfect example of how a pharmacy can successfully achieve this philosophy in their daily operations.


Friday, July 26, 2013 New London Pharmacy | NYC Beauty Destinations

So far, we've stopped by the bog standard drugstore, stocked with French pharmacy brands. Nevertheless, without a doubt, there's something missing when it comes to the cozy, friendly, and (dare I say) cute factors. Yet, a stop by New London Pharmacy in Chelsea and all of these boxes - and more - will be ticked.
In laymens's terms, I made the trek on a lazy ol' Sunday and my Aunt and Uncles's jaws dropped at the thought of me spending three hours wandering around the twenty by twenty foot space. Now, I'm not sure of the exact dimensions, but the time accounted is right on track and, if permitted, I would have spent the rest of my day there as well.

US Weekly July 22, 2013 Issue


Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Fab Beauty Event with BECCA Cosmetics...Fab Finds in a Beat!

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a BECCA Cosmetics beauty event hosted by Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor. The event took place at the lovely New London Luxe where guests where treated to drinks, desserts and customizable make-overs.



I had a wonderful time. Thanks to Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor and New London Luxe for having me.


“Good Morning America Live!” (GMA’s live online show that airs immediately following GMA from 9AM – 9:15AM) featuring Premier Cru The Cream in “Earth Day Finds.”

Watch as Good Morning America Live features Caudalie The premeir Cru...



You can purchase The Premeir Cru by clicking here:


Specialty Retail Expert: Customers Want “Shoppertainment” By Alex Befekadu Thu, Mar 28 2013 5:40 pm

Products Aren’t Enough: Customers Want “Shoppertainment” 

Patricia Norins, Spokesperson for American Express’s Small Business Saturday, shares a tip on improving in-store customer experience:

Shoppers are hungry for an in-store experience that provides them with the not only products they are searching for, but also an environment that is visually stimulating with a top-notch customer service experience. Sarah McNally, owner of New York City–based McNally Jackson Books, hosts book clubs, readings, and discussions in her store. She believes the key ingredient to creating a successful event experience is focusing on the details. “Running a great community is the accumulation of thousands of little details,” says McNally. “I think that’s what chain stores are missing.”

Such events have been a major initiative of Abby Fazio’s independent pharmacy, New London Pharmacy. After seeing success during the holiday season, Fazio designated Fridays as “Fancy Friday,” during which time her staff dresses up and customers are treated to a glass of wine and product demonstrations. “People are so appreciative and customers have been spreading the word, which is very powerful,” Fazio says. “I’m seeing a lot of new people that I never did before.”

Action: Specialty retailers should consider offering classes, workshops and in-store events to engage their customers. You could also team up with other local small businesses. For example, if you sell kitchen equipment, invite a local coffee shop owner to teach the secrets of a great espresso.

Technology is having a serious impact on the buying experience, but by consistently providing a reason for customers to visit your business and purchase products from you, your business can continue to grow in 2013.


Drug store with an amazing selection of niche fragrances by



They carry Creed, DS and Durga, Hilde Soliani, Etat Libre D’Orange, Lorenzo Villoresi, Nasamotto, Penhaligan’s, Acqua di Parma, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Profumi di Firenze, Parfums de Nicolai, Tokyo Milk, Caswell Massey, Costume National, Juliet Has a Gun and many more. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They also carry a large selection of candles and home fragrance.


NLP on "The Couch" (2/19/2013)

A big shout out to The style and beauty doctor, Danielle Gray, who was brought in to help out Sandy victim Elizabeth Espada. 

Click to watch the WLNY TV “The Couch” Glam Team Takeover Segment. Part of which was shot in New London Luxe, New London Pharmacy’s upstairs…



Indie Beauty Brands Shine at Elements Showcase By Belisa Silva

 “Buyers in attendance — who hailed from large department stores like Harrods, Barneys New York and Takashimaya as well as niche independent boutiques like C.O. Bigelow and New London Pharmacy — came both to seek new brands and to touch base with existing partners.”


Indie Beauty Brands Shine at Elements Showcase

With more emphasis on fine art, natural materials and globalization, the event drew 3,000 attendees and 120 niche beauty exhibitors from as far as Australia.

© All rights reserved.



Beauty for the Beasts – Gift Bag and Raffle details January 23, 2013 | By: Stef

Live in Southern California, love beauty and animals? Then you’ll want to mark your calendars for Sunday February 10, 11am to 3pm. Join we heart this as we co-host Beauty for the Beasts at the flagship salon of legendary hairstylist Cristophe benefiting The Rescue Train, a no-kill organization dedicated to eliminating suffering and euthanasia through hands-on rescue work, education and awareness.

But you don’t have to book a service to attend, there’s lots of other ways to have fun. Shop from the vendors we’ve assembled, sip some champagne, get a gift bag…

We have once again organized one of our legendary beauty raffles (see the prizes at the bottom of this post.) Tickets are $5, and if you spend $25 you will get a gift bag with an approximate $200 value.

Without further ado, here’s what you’ll get…

• New London – The iconic NY pharmacy sent two products from an equally iconic French beauty line: Embryolisse Lip Balm and 20 Samples ($25) and Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion ($32).


The following groups of products will be arranged into 5 to 10 different raffle baskets, and you will be able to put your raffle tickets towards the basket you’d most like to win. The products are:

• New London French pharmacy faves totaling $91
Who doesn’t love exotic European drugstore products? NYC’s cult beauty boutique New London Pharmacy offers their hand-picked favorites including Homeoplasmine Irritations de la peau Pommade, Bioderma Dermatological Wipes, Avibon Vitamin A Pommade Tube and Avene Thermal Spring Water.


Ambra di Venezia

New London Pharmacy




Lipstick Challenge Day 25: The French do it Better Posted on January 15, 2013 by Loni one product at a time

Homeoplasmine, $24.99

This stuff is amazing. On the lips its pure matte, velvet moisture love (if thats a thing), but in a pinch the other day I slathered this on my hands for some quick relief from the dry, cracking hands that winter has decided to bestow. I know I mention a lot of hand cream on the blog, but what I don’t mention is that as the temperature dips even more, I need more moisture, I need more help, my hands are getting out of control. Peeling cuticles, cracking knuckles, dry patches you name it my hands have it- and its not pretty. ...image

Pharmacies Report Flu Vaccine Shortage WSJ NY REGION January 14, 2013, 12:02 a.m. ET

Flu shots are available in New York, but they're becoming increasingly difficult to find.

An early and fierce start to this year's flu season, which has already killed 20 children nationwide and drawn the "epidemic" label from the Centers for Disease Control, has driven New Yorkers to snap up the vaccine. Several large area pharmacy chains were reporting shortages, and many independent pharmacies said they were completely out or running low.

"We've been so busy. We've never dispensed so many antibiotics," said Abby Fazio, owner of New London Pharmacy in Chelsea. "It's alarming to me."

Ms. Fazio's shop still had flu shots Sunday afternoon, but she was planning to order more vials Monday after more than 100 shots were administered in the past week. In the previous three months, the pharmacy had given 260 shots.


Cancer-free Protection CrushWorthyMoms

Aluminum. Parabens. Silica.  These are not materials available at the local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement, but rather threeof the most common ingredients found in deodorants.  Why is this a concern?  Scientist have made a probable link between the ingredients in deodorant and an increase in estrogen, the same hormone responsible for increasing breast tissue.  As we all know, cancer is an overgrowth of tissue which becomes cancerous.  With information like this at hand, it’s easy to imagine a woman’s concerns.
Crushworthymoms to the rescue!  We consulted New London Pharmacy ( for their recommendations and added a few of our own picks.

10.16.12 / The Top Shelf / 124 Comments Erin Wasson


Everything really needs to be paraben-free for me. I mean, because if I’m going to smoke cigarettes, then I need to be aware of all the other bullshit I’m putting into my body. For my skin, these are the jam: Julisis Silver Wash Night and Gold Wash Day.


Sniffapalooza’s Jacomo Paris Master Class & Gift Bag Giveaway! by Karen Adams 10.2.12

There’s no better way to brighten up a dreary Saturday afternoon in NYC than by attending a Sniffapalooza event! Last weekend, fifty fragrance enthusiasts were treated to a very special Jacomo Paris Master Class in the opulent setting of New London Luxe.

A Tale of Two Soaps: Victoria Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål Eggwhite Facial Soap...By Tinsel Creation

I bought my first bar of Victoria Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål Eggwhite Facial Soap somewhere between four and five years ago, at New London Pharmacy in New York. I liked the soap so much that I went back for a box of six bars, and it became part of my nightly skincare ritual.





Lush Blog by Leticia Rocco

imageAmazing how a "pharmacy" can join as many small wonders of beauty in one place. I left there with the subject for many, many posts! I recommend!


Posted on November 16, 2011 10:47AM byBellaSugar Australia · 0 comments

Oenobiol Solaire Tan Enhancer, $68

"These vitamins that are really great for the skin. They give you an amazing tan with low sun exposure!"
Stockists: New London Pharmacy



Top French pharmacy beauty products Written by Diane on. Posted in on life in France

Where you can buy these products? ... the New York City-based New London Pharmacy has a nice selection.



Tinsel Creation: Caron “Powder Happy Hour” at New London Pharmacy, NYC

New London Pharmacy hosted a happy hour event last night to feature Caron’s facial powder line at its cosmetics counter. I’m a loyal user of Caron’s powder and I always enjoy stopping by New London, so I didn’t want to miss this gathering. 



Socialite-ing: Suresh Beauty LipLUXE Launch at The Fashionisette

On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending theSuresh Beauty LipLUXE Launch event at New London Pharmacy. Three major things happened that night - I was introduced to New London Pharmacy, I finally got to meet Suresh, and Suresh launched his LipLUXE collection. Now I might be the last person to know about New London Pharmacy, but I am definitely a big fan. It's like a homey, cozy, neighborhood beauty and health boutique, housing the best of the best from cosmetics to skin care, Spanx to perfume, and everything in between. Plus, I had the privilege of meeting the owner, Abby, and she was super nice!


Samurai Shopper | Feet First WOMEN'S FASHION By S.S. FAIR JULY 9, 2012, 9:00 AM

Given time, money and wanderlust, the Samurai suggests handing over your feet to the world’s first rock star podiatrist/pedicurist, Bastien Gonzalez. He’s the French founder of Révérence de Bastien, an upscale line of foot and nail care products, a few of which are at New London Pharmacy in Chelsea. Bastien also helms several Pedi:Mani:Cure Studios at spas in Dubai, Istanbul, Mauritius, Hong Kong’s Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel and other far-flung destinations.

The High-Low LUXE Lips LifestyleMirror Monday, June 25, 2012

A $50 lip balm is a luxury—especially when there are countless low-priced alternatives. But La Mer’s is oddly alluring: its minty, whipped formula glides on lips and hydrates in seconds, creating a clean slate for high-impact lip colors. But the French know no fuss, which is why makeup artists rely on Homeoplasmine: a $25 tube found at the pharmacy. The large item will last even the driest of lips at least a year (unlike Fresh’s similarly priced, though highly-effective and delicious option) and the results are equally stunning. Phillip Picardi

Makeup Maven The essential cosmetics of Felicia Walker Benson by Trae Bodge 06/08/2012

...Affordable Solutions

In case you’re experiencing some sticker shock, she also has a few recessionista faves like the Sanofi Aventis Avibon Vitamin A Cream ($27), which is a retinol-based ointment she picks up at one of her favorite beauty spots, New London Pharmacy.


Reviews from Citysearch JEF246

June 06, 2012
What's the best in this place is the customer service! They get to know you and then they never forget you. That's what a community pharmacy is. Let's support the mom and pop store that will continue to give back the community. Not to forget all of their great brands in the front of the store especially the men's collection that I can't live without. They even have someone who knows fragrance better than anyone else I know. I asked Alo to get me an old fragrance that no other store can get and what do you know...he called me in a week that he had it there waiting for me. Thank you for being a staple in the neighborhood and I will always support you.


Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Relaunch Plus Deets on the New Matte Lipsticks By: Danielle


...The brand recently had a relaunch party at New London Pharmacy (on Eighth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd, but closer to 23rd) and I totally had to stop by. Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is definitely a high end brand where you can justify the cost on some of the brand’s best items—it incites something in the senses (I mean, how can you not perk up from something with the name “Sensual” in the title?)


The Kevyn Aucoin Event was a success

Everyone @NewLondonNYC would like to say thank you to the amazing and talented staff from @kevyn_aucoin for making our event such a success.

Here are  a few photos:

The Crew:


Some Sweet Treats:


Some beautiful new shades: 




Follow @NewLondonNYC and retweet to #win a

@kevyn_aucoin "The Essential Eyeshadow" Set and CD. Ends 5/28 2 PM EST.


We Have Less than 2 Months to Get Rid of Bacne Before Summer! By: Danielle

Danielle mentioned us in here recent Blog... 


3. The Organic Pharmacy Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Serum. I learned about this wonder product from my pal Abby at New London Pharmacy. She told me it’s excellent for fading scars (acne scars, too!) as well as helps reverse sun damage and prevent wrinkles. One of her cashiers had some severe discoloration on her face and after about a year of use, it’s basically all gone. I’ll be slathering this on my hyperpigmentation plagued décolleté. Check it out HERE.


Read her full blog here: 


ABBY FAZIO Posted by CrushworthyMoms on Monday, April 16, 2012

We had the best time visiting Abby at her New London Pharmacy, what a different experience it was than or normal visit to a Duane Reade or your local CVS.  It was very clear to us that Abby had a love and a passion for what she does and she really cares about her customer’s experience and well being.  She exudes knowledge of beauty and health that is obvious just by looking at her and she only stocks her store with products that she hand picks and believes in.  You know with her you are getting the best of the best.  It brings back the neighborhood feeling that is often lost in a big city.  We are making it a monthly visit to the New London Pharmacy and wish there were more places like this in New York.

Abby’s Crushworthy Makeup and Hair Secrets:


#Fave Pharmacy Countdown at Book Report New York

New London Pharmacy

246 Eighth Avenue

New London Pharmacy ranks high on our #favepharmacycountdown. This place is packed with hard to find items. If you live in Chelsea and this isn’t already on your circuit (especially if you get your bagels from Murray’s next door), we think you may find that obscure brand of soap or scent you’ve been looking for. Or! run down for that pair of Spanx you’ll be needing after brunch.


New London Pharmacy – my new favorite discovery! April 10, 2012 | By: Stef

One of the things I miss most about living in a walking-friendly city is the beauty of stumbling upon a new shopping find. Tyna and I used to love nothing more then roaming the Philadelphia streets making discoveries.

It was on one of these roams that we found one of our favorite shops ever. It was part pharmacy, part beauty supply store, part exotic world market. We felt like we uncovered a jewel. We’d walk the isles for hours, buying makeup (both cheap and high end), drugstore sundries, finds from overseas, perfume oils – then run home and begin testing everything immediately. I honestly think it was the roots for the blog you’re looking at right now.

I think I would have nearly fainted had we stumbled upon New London Pharmacy.


Samurai Shopper | True Grit WOMEN'S FASHION |By S.S. FAIR | MARCH 30, 2012, 2:45 PM

..."The Samurai favors organics: Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant or Neal’s Yard Remedy Honey & Orange Scrub are my online staples. Woodley & Bunny carries Arcona’s yummy Golden Grain GommageNew London Pharmacy has Ren’s MicroPolish Cleanser containing amber powder. Also at New London, and amber-laden, is the sensual Ambre Exfoliant by Cote Bastide, for men and women."

I Can’t Stop Slathering Sanofi Aventis Avibon on My Face By: Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor

Seriously, Avibon is the greasiest, most medicine-smelling creme that I cannot wait to lube up my face with every night. Sanofi Aventis Avibon is a retinol creme from France, and I received a coveted tube from my new skincare pal Abby from New London Pharmacy in Chelsea. Abby would tweet me telling me the hard-to-keep-stocked vitamin A potion was back on the shelves and I’d be all like “huh? what’s that?”. Rule #1: always listened up to ANYTHING Abby has to say about product. She travels the world bringing the best of the best that you can’t find in these here 50 states to her shop on 23rd and 8th. She knows her stuff.



As featured on the Dr. Oz February 24th Show...Talika Eyelash Lipocils

imageDr Oz: Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel Review – “Loss of lashes is a common concern for women. Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel helps to plump up the eyelashes... This product takes 2-3 weeks to work.” 

Click below to see video for the Dr. Oz Show:


Paper & String. What's Good Your Hood. Clean Machine

The New London is one of those fabulous drugstore-meets-apothecary mergers that are done better in NYC than anywhere else. The New London is product heaven for a well-furnished bath or shower: the selection of high-quality hair care, skin care, and fragrance products is well curated and displayed. 

You will find great brands such as Kerastase, Moroccan Oil, Bumble, and Frederic Fekkai, but also less widely distributed brands such as Rahua, REN, I Coloniali, Aromatherapy Associates, and Roger & Gallet. Ms. Paper selected this amazing Baxter Body Wash in lime/pomegranate for her shower kit ($15). It smells great and looks good, too.

New London Pharmacy

246 8th Ave. (btwn. 22nd & 23rd Sts.)
(212) 243-4987 


As seen on TV:  one of our favorite gossip girls carries her beauty essentials in a Stephanie Johnson Catherine Clutch!
Shimmering silver metallic chevrons zigzag across a soft ivory backdrop, while a dazzling gold tassel zipper pull adds an extra dose of red carpet-worthy sparkle, creating a cosmetic clutch so fetching you’ll want to take it out on the town!


La Peau the Beauty Cult Sensation of Europe

LA PEAU by San Francisco beauty blogger  Anita Rivas

La Peau a three piece skincare regimen that delivers healthy beautiful skin.

I’ve always admired Jennifer Aniston’sEva Longoria and Gloria Estefan’s amazing skin.  And if you admire great skin than you’re going to want to try La Peau – La Peau is a three piece skincare regimen that contains powerful antioxidants and anti-aging properties – in clinical studies by Edel Therapeutics it is proven that La Peau leads the path in cell renewal and reversing the signs of premature age, using La Peau your results will be firmer, more radiant skin in 28 days.  I heard first hand that Eva Longoria purchased several pieces to give away to her friends as gifts – wish I was one of her friends don’t you? Personally I’ve been using La Peau, and an added bonus is that you can layer it over your favorite serums. It is recommended that La Peau be part of your nightly skincare regimen for 8 days the results will amaze you.

La Peau is the cream everyone is raving about, used by the world’s most beautiful women, models, actresses, socialites and everyone in-between.


Our first press of 2012

Our first press of 2012 

At New London Pharmacy on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, owner Abby Fazio has expanded her medical offerings in order to compete with three nearby Duane Reades. Three years ago, she leased the second floor to complement her 3,800-square-foot ground-floor space, and she recently added a “closed door” pharmacy for patients dealing with HIV and cancer. New London also has a nutritionist and private counselors on staff.

“I want to be a store you go to for health, not to buy milk—that's for the supermarket,” said Ms. Fazio, who expected sales to be up 22%, to about $15 million, in 2011.



ATTENTION: New Law Bans Mail-Order Drug Mandates!

ATTENTION: New Law Bans Mail-Order Drug Mandates!


Mom-and-pop pharmacies will be better able to compete with mail-order companies because of a bill that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has signed into law.

The bill barred insurers or employers from forcing patients to use mail-order plans for prescription drugs, except for plans negotiated by unions. Instead, consumers would be guaranteed the choice of having their prescriptions filled either through mail-order or at the local drugstore, without any added copayments or fees.

In a memorandum approving the bill and a similar one related to the purchase of fertility drugs, the governor said the measures would “improve consumer convenience by expanding the options by which consumers can fill their drug prescriptions.”

But the governor signed both bills late Monday on the condition that the Legislature would retroactively amend them to require retail pharmacies to accept the same reimbursement rates for drugs as mail-order pharmacies. The original bills required them to accept “comparable” reimbursement.

A spokesman for Express Scripts, a major manager of mail-order drugs, said Tuesday that the company still believed a veto “would have better served New Yorkers,” but that the amendments would help keep the cost of prescription drugs for small businesses and consumers from “dramatically” increasing.

The spokesman, Jonah Houts, said that mail-order delivery to people’s homes of drugs for chronic illnesses was still the cheapest option with the least potential for error, and that to the extent that that had been diminished, “drug costs will go up.”

The retail pharmacy industry said the law was a victory for consumer choice and customer service. Ray Macioci, president of the New York City Pharmacists Society, said that especially with the rise of generic drugs, small pharmacies were capable of competing on price with large mail-order companies.

“My contention has always been that mandatory programs are always anticompetitive,” Mr. Macioci said.


Caudalie's Mathilde featured in December 2011 issue of Marie Claire

Have a look at this beautiful 2 page spread of Caudalie's Mathilde Thomas featured in December 2011 Marie Claire.

NCPA/TPA Article in Today's Tennesseean

Dear NCPA Convention Attendee,

Welcome to Nashville! We thought you'd like to see an article published today by The Tennessean, Nashville's daily newspaper, by NCPA Executive Vice President and CEO Douglas Hoey and Tennessee Pharmacists Association Executive Director Baeteena Black. We hope you enjoy it and have a great Convention!

Community pharmacies fill growing needs


Americans have nearly 4 billion prescriptions filled each year but may be too busy to consider what's happening behind the pharmacy counter. So, with thousands of community pharmacists gathering in Nashville this month for an annual national meeting, here is a pop quiz.

Which of the following is true of your pharmacist?

A) About one in two patients does not take their medication properly, and pharmacists are a source of expert counseling.

B) Prescription drugs are more important and complex than ever, and pharmacists train longer and harder than ever before to stay abreast of advances in the profession.

C) Pharmacists help fill some primary care needs and often make physician referrals to patients who might not have gone to see a doctor otherwise.

D) There are over 23,000 family-owned community pharmacies in the U.S. (566 in Tennessee) providing more than 300,000 jobs and generating $92.8 billion to local economies.

E) All of the above.

Contradictory as it may sound, all are realities of community pharmacies today.

A) Too many patients are not taking their medication as prescribed. Known by pharmacists and physicians as the "adherence" problem, this costs the overall health-care system $290 billion annually and, more importantly, results in poorer health outcomes.

Face-to-face consultations with community pharmacists are the best way to ensure the optimal use of medication, studies show. Some insurance companies try to persuade employers to require their employees to use mail-order pharmacies. However, studies show patients are more likely to take their medications when obtained at a community pharmacy.

Many community pharmacists are offering new ways to ensure patients take their medication for optimum benefit. Sometimes it takes the form of pharmacist-patient consultations known as medication therapy management. There's also a growing move toward synchronized refills. That means one stop at the pharmacy to pick up and review one's medications, or one prompt delivery to your home - a service offered by most independent community pharmacies.

B) Prescription drugs are increasingly complex, so pharmacists today must be more highly trained than ever. At least six years of college study are required to become a pharmacist, followed by annual continuing education.

C) The pharmacy profession is undergoing a transformation to better meet patients' medication therapy needs. Medications and their appropriate use will always be the pharmacist's first priority. In addition, pharmacists are collaborating with other members of the health-care team, including physicians, to provide primary care services related to medication use. Immunizations are now common in pharmacies. Disease-specific patient services are growing, too. Pharmacists are providing diabetes education and helping patients achieve health-care goals such as cholesterol, blood pressure and quitting smoking.

D) Community pharmacies are recognized by patients for superlative customer service and competitive prices, as demonstrated in surveys by Consumer Reports and J.D. Power & Associates. To independent community pharmacists, most patients are a name, not a number. In many rural areas, the independent pharmacy is the only pharmacy around and a true health-care resource.

Independent pharmacies are a vital part of the community's fabric and contribute greatly to local health care, jobs and tax revenue. Stop in and see us. We live where you do.

B. Douglas Hoey is executive vice president and CEO of the National Community Pharmacists Association. Baeteena M. Black is executive director of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association.The National Community Pharmacists Association and the Tennessee Pharmacists Association annual convention is Oct. 8-12 in Nashville.


InStyle October 2011, Page 22

Homeoplasmine on Page 22

La Peau is LaLoved

As mentioned in Vogue

BECCA’s new Mineral Powder Blush in Flowerchild

Great news!  BECCA’s new Mineral Powder Blush in Flowerchild was featured on InStyle in an editorial titled, "Bright Summer Makeup You Can Really Wear."

This article highlights this summer's hottest makeup trends such as Hot Pink Lipstick, Blue Eye shadow and Glowy Pink Blush.  Instead of having your blush blend-in this summer, this article recommends giving your cheeks a pop of color.  BECCA Mineral Powder Blush in Flowerchild is highlighted as a product that can give you this gorgeous glow that has been seen on celebrities such Whitney Port and Kim Kardashian.,,20480953_20490457_20965578,00.html


Marie Claire May 2011

In Marie Claire's May issue artist Tom Pecheux mentions Homeoplasmine. 

Samurai Shopper | Oil Gusher WOMEN'S FASHION |By S.S. FAIR | APRIL 13, 2011, 11:22 AM NY Times

"...One more thing. They are getting tired of me playing around with the tester for Julisis Facial Oil Serum over at New London Pharmacy. Julisis ($170) is an opulent mix of argan oil, white Clementine, South African Marula oil, and liquid diamond essence, which has to be a girl’s best friend. If you’re due a tax refund, treat yourself.

New London Pharmacy is voted Window of the Week!

New London Pharmacy

Window of the Week! This Chelsea apothecary carries homeopathic remedies, but this window shows they’ve got some homo-pathic goods too: Tom of Finland’s perfume for men. In case you’re wondering, the man-scent smells of “crumpled leaf, suede, metal, pepperwood, tonka bean and musks.”


Samurai Shopper | Floral and Hardy WOMEN'S FASHION |By S. S. FAIR | FEBRUARY 8, 2011, 3:45 PM

...My sentimental attachment to New London Pharmacyis well chronicled; there I found super hardy guy-girl florals: Geo. Trumper's Violet Shaving Soap in a Bowl and Jardin du Nil, an idiosyncratic love potion from Maitre Parfumer et Gantier.  Room spray from Parfums de Nicholai in Fleurs d’Ete, and generous pours of Kneipp's Red Poppy and Hemp bath oil should afford you and your honey some jolly rub-a-dub-dubbing for a good while.




The Look: A History of Tanning

Block Party - Celia Ellenberg

August 2010

If you're on Team Edward—or just want to go sans tan while maximizing your sun protection—a good slathering of Invisible Zinc should do the trick. The new-to-the-U.S.-market cult-favorite Aussie sun care collection uses micro-fine zinc oxide to create a physical—not chemical—barrier between skin and the sun. The broad spectrum creams pack some star power, too: Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger front the brand's latest ad campaign, relaying the message that sun protection is important for women of all ages.

Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF 30+, $38,


Raising the Bar Samurai Shopper | By S.S. FAIR | April 5, 2010

Samurai Shopper | The Impossible Cream By S.S. FAIR | APRIL 20, 2010, 3:30 PM

... haven’t found 100% organic liquid foundation available outside the Twilight Zone. Organic Glam’s Luminous Anti-oxidant Sheer Tint with no synthetic, petroleum-based ingredients is over 90% natural–as good as it gets. It’s sensational too. Organic Glam is from England, an offshoot of the Organic Pharmacy, whose Carrot Butter removes all traces of make-up. Both are available at New London Pharmacy in Chelsea and the Organic Pharmacy in Beverly Hills. Try their Eye Jewels shimmers, liquid eyeliners, and bronzers; they’re amazing and stupendously pricey too.

New London also carries Jane Iredale, a respectable, natural line with a few standouts like Longest Lash mascara in Charcoal Grey, a great color. Pommisst is Iredale’s purse-sized hydrating spray with Pomegranate; it stops your face from wilting during the day....

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Also, I was elated to find that Spa Week’s exclusive cosmetic sponsor is Jane Iredale! On the expert recommendation of Jessie at New London Pharmacy (she is superb at natural product recommendations), I’ve been using Jane Iredale cosmetics almost exclusively for the past year. The products are awesome, but as of now, they are only sold in spas and at New London, CO Bigelow, and Cambridge Chemists in New York. I was excited to see floating ads for Ms. Iredale’s products on the Spa Week website, as opposed to advertising for some highly toxic product, as one might usually see for an event like this. The Iredale products are mineral-based (most cosmetics are oil or water based, so as to mix well with chemicals), and opposed to many natural or organic lines available, I’ve found that Jane Iredale has a plethora of colors and complimentary products. Due to the inherent purpose of cosmetics (coloring, covering up, etc.) it’s difficult to create a fully natural product that is still effective and attractive. That said, Jane Iredale cosmetics are NOT fully natural, but they are much better for your skin than similarly priced products found in department stores. With the cosmetic industry’s lack of regulation, I can guarantee that you will find many products with “natural” labels that are actually far from natural. Remember, natural ingredients ≠ natural! I actually don’t use much makeup on a daily basis, but there are a few items I’d never leave the house without. I’m happy knowing that these items are based in minerals and not quasi-toxic chemical compounds!

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New York Times - Sunday August 17,2008

New London Pharmacy's knows a hair hussy when they see one and pleases The New York Times "Samurai," plying her with all sorts of preparations.