7 Best Alcohol Free Toners - All You Need to Know About Toners and Their Benefits

7 Best Alcohol Free Toners - All You Need to Know About Toners and Their Benefits

Many of us are overwhelmed with the abundance of skincare products and routines available in the market.  Social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, etc. are full of bloggers that are constantly promoting different brands and skincare lines in order to make additional money. They are often influenced by economic decisions rather than delivering their true view of a product. And consumers are the ones that are vulnerable.  We watch a video of a beautiful blogger telling us about the wonder of a product and the next thing we do is …… we buy that product! And we don’t know whether we received an honest recommendation. Do you remember yourself being in this position? 


At New London Pharmacy we care about each of our customers as much as we care about our friends and family members. Therefore, we try our best to recommend the products that we used and loved ourselves, as well as products where we received positive feedback from our consumers. 

Today, I would like to talk about Facial Toners. Many people are confused about this part of the skincare routine and doubt its true benefits.  

Some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive are:  What is a toner and why should I use it? Which toners should I use? What benefits do they provide to my skin? Which toners are the best? How often should I use a toner? I’ll guide you through this list by answering the questions in an informative and clear fashion.  I will also recommend toners for different skin types. 

What is a Toner and why should I use it? A toner is a product that is used after cleansing our skin and before applying serums and moisturizers. The primary purpose of a toner is to clear your pores and in some cases to shrink them and to balance the Ph level of your skin, as well as to remove excess oil for those who tend to have oily skin. 

Which Toners are the best? Alcohol-Free toners are the best.

How often should I use a toner? Toners can be used 2 times per day: in the morning - after washing your face and before applying the moisturizer, and in the evening after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer.  Some toners that contain a higher level of exfoliation should only be used once per day like the one that we recommend from The Ordinary line.  The toners that are light and contain organic moisturizing ingredients such as rose water and aloe can be used even more than twice per day, whenever your skin needs additional hydration and refreshment.  

What benefits do they provide to my skin?

  • They can balance your skin's naturally acidic pH—great for dry, irritated, and uncomfortable skin.  P.S. for those who want to learn more about skin’s pH -  the article posted by DERMSTORE contains a great interview with a Dr. Nazarian 
  • They provide lightweight hydration—perfect for dehydrated, oily and combination skin types
  • They provide exfoliation which helps to decrease the visibility of pores while treating blackheads and pimples 

Which toners should I use? 

When looking for the right toner for your skin type the Number 1 rule to remember is - look for a toner that DOESN’T CONTAIN ALCOHOL!  A lot of toners contain alcohol that can dry out your skin.  Alcohol also causes skin redness, and even though it can remove the excess oil of your skin it may dry it out. As a result, your skin will protect itself by generating a larger amount of oil than you would’ve had otherwise before using a toner. So, say NO to a Toner that contains ALCOHOL! 

Best Toners for Oily Skin 

If You Have Oily Skin We Recommend:

#1. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner.



Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner


This product is very highly reviewed across all Internet channels. It contains witch hazel -  a natural remedy made from the bark and leaves of a plant called Hamamelis. It carries a lot of skin benefits such as it helps relieve itching, discomfort, irritation, inflammation and fights acne. It is very gentle, smells amazing - like actual roses!


  • The natural astringent properties of rose petals work in tandem with witch hazel, tightening pores, controlling oil production, locking moisture in, and keeping free radicals out
  • Rosewater is also full of Vitamin C, which is crucial for collagen production, strengthening skin cells, and fading blemishes and scars
  • Thayers creates the only Witch Hazel products made of non-distilled extract from the Witch Hazel shrub, maintaining the highest levels of therapeutic tannins, the mild antioxidants that help your skin look and feel its best
  • These natural elixirs have been a fixture in medicine cabinets for generations. Once you use them, you'll know why."                                            


#2. REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

-  A lot of customer’s reviews state that this toner improved their skin texture and reduced irritation, as well as made their skin smooth and glowing. This is another product that is highly popular! The manufacturer suggests that this toner is “Ideal for addressing dullness, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, congestion, dryness and even fine lines”. 

Precautions * - the manufacturer describes this product as a product that goes well with all skin types. Nevertheless, we have learned that even though the majority of people really loved this toner there were a number of reviews posted by people with sensitive skin that experienced irritation. Therefore, if you have a sensitive skin type it is better to try a different toner, or to do a patch test before using this product. 

REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic


  • Gentle enough to use daily yet potent enough to exfoliate and brighten 
  • Lactic acid and willow bark extract work together to smooth, tone and reduce pore size 
  • Azelaic acid brightens and evens out skin tone for the perfect glow


Toners For Dry Or Sensitive Skin

– if you have dry or sensitive skin, look for milder toners that don’t contain salicylic or glycolic acid, as well as no alcohol. We recommend Avene Gental Toning Lotion and The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Spritz. 

#3.  Avene  Gental Toning Lotion

- This product has a solid 5-star rating all over the Internet.

Avene Gentle Toning Lotion at New London Pharmacy 


  • Formulated for sensitive skin
  • This toner softens your texture for an illuminated appearance
  • Natural silicates help protect your complexion with a lightweight invisible shield while thermal spring water naturally hydrates
  • Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic to soothe irritable skin                            

 #4. The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Spritz

- This toner does a great job calming the skin and is also excellent on rosacea of face or any face redness. You can also use it on sunburn because its main ingredient is aloe and rose water. Anytime you feel like your face feels dehydrated just spay on this toner and it will freshen it up and moisturize it! 

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Spritz   


Skin Type: Dry✔ Sensitive✔ Irritated✔ 


  • Blended with organic aloe and glycerin 
  • Calms redness and inflammation
  • Refreshes hot skin 
  • Sets makeup
  • Hydrates 

 Best Toners For Acne 

-Look for a toner that has salicylic or glycolic acid. It helps to fight acne-causing bacteria as well as closes up your pores.

#5. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution-

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Glycolic Acid: An alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. 

Tasmanian Pepperberry Derivative: Helps reduce irritation associated with acid use. 

Ginseng Root and Aloe Vera: Offer both visible radiance and soothing benefits.  

Very highly reviewed among many consumers.

  • This 7% toning solution offers mild exfoliation for improved skin radiance and visible clarity
  • The formula also improves the appearance of skin texture with continued use

How to use: use it once a day in the evening after cleansing your face and before applying a moisturizer. No need to rinse. Only apply it on unbroken skin. Do a patch testing prior to use.

Precautions* This formula should not be used on sensitive, peeling or compromised skin 


#6. Peter Thomas Roth 8% Glycolic Solutions Toner-

Peter Thomas Roth 8% Glycolic Solutions Toner


 Enriched with exfoliating glycolic acid and oil-reducing witch hazel that visibly improves fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and uneven skin tone for a brighter, more clarified complexion. 

Helps with:


  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Pores    

Best Toner For Dry Skin

if you have dry skin look for toners that contain soothing and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E, chamomile and antioxidants like green tea. Soothing ingredients like aloe vera, fruit extracts and essential oils will offer the hydration your skin craves. We recommend Caudalie Moisturizing Toner.


#7. Caudalie Moisturizing Toner -


Caudalie Moisturizing Toner


Removes final traces of makeup and impurities, while also balancing your skin's pH level, as well as prepping your skin to soak up any serum or moisturizer. 


  • Hydrating toner that soothes and strengthens the skin


How to use: using a cotton pad, apply morning and evening to a clean face and eyes. No need to rinse.



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