Charlotte Talks To: New London Pharmacy’s Abby Fazio

Posted on November 01 2016

Abby Mouzakiti-Fazio is Owner and President of New London Pharmacy, a New York City destination that she and her husband have been managing for three decades. Abby, a professional pharmacist who studied pharmacology at St. John’s University, is a working mom, new grandmother and much more. At first look, you see a glowing, healthy and caring individual. Start a conversation with Abby and you know immediately that you’re dealing with a true professional.

Pharmacology and wellness isn’t just what Abby does for a living. She’s also an educator, eternal student and inspiration. New London Pharmacy is the place New Yorkers and tourists alike have come to know not only as the place to fill a prescription, but where to find the latest in French and other European skincare, consult with a staff nutritionist, and pick up some of the best nutritional supplements and lifestyle items on the market today. Even pets are taken care of at New London! With an inviting staff of nearly 40, New London Pharmacy has become a go-to for those seeking advice, products and much more for better living.