Talika Eye Decompress Soothing Eye Mask

$ 29.00

Talika’s Eye Decompress is an internal and external deep relation treatment for skin and wellbeing.
The product includes:
A compressed mask for the eye which acts to rehydrate, smooth, decongest, and reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
A 10 minute podcast for relaxation available with QR code on the pack

1. Remove the double capsule (compressed mask & lotion form the pack. Press the lotion capsule firmly and allow the lotion serum to totally infuse the mask 
2. Peel off the seal of the mask and unfold gently
3. Lie down in a comfortable position
4. Play the downloaded relaxation podcast available with QR code on the pack
5. Let yourself be guided for 10 minutes
6. Remove the mask and help the excess product to be absorbed using the fingers

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