I Coloniali ALL-OVER Nourishing Super Balm Shea Butter 75ml

$ 28.00

I Coloniali ALL-OVER Nourishing Super Balm Shea Butter

An all-in-use super balm made of 63% shea butter and enriched with beeswax. Applied on face or body, it works immediately to soothe, soften, repair and deeply nourish dry skin – including chapped lip and nose.
The Shea tree originates from central Africa. African people called it the “Youth Tree”. Shea butter comes from the Shea seed and it is well-known for its nourishing properties able to restore a soft and smooth skin. Illipè is a majestic tree which grows in the Borneo forests. For centuries, island natives have used Illipè butter for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. This butter has hydrating and emollient properties which restore softness and vigor to the skin. Passion Flower is a climbing plant with beautifully scented flowers. It comes from South-East of Asia. Since ancient times, Passion Flower extract was known for its soothing and smoothing properties. Rice is a yearly herbaceous plant from Asia. Since ancient times, this beneficial ingredient has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetic products. The Rice bran oil has soothing, protective and softening properties.

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