Carner Barcelona Cuirs eau de parfum

$ 120.00

”Redolent with nostalgia for a bygone era of artisan ateliers, where pipesmoke filled the air fusing with the scent of freshly tanned leather.”

With a strong and independent character, Cuirs Eau de Parfum takes the spiciness of saffron and mingles it with the warmth of noble woods, enticing to explore deeper, longer, further...

In its heart, the earthy aroma of nagarmotha and the resinous scent of dry amber merge sensually with the intriguing smell of cuir, unfolding its powerful and alluring mystique.

An imperfect yet beguiling balance of tobacco smokiness and the singular scent of raw leather.

top notes

Cumin, Saffron

mid notes

Australian Sandal Wood,
Texas Cedar Wood,
Indonesian Patchouli

base notes

Oud Wood,
Dry Amber,
Leather Accord

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