Carroten Intensive Tanning Gel

$ 35.99

With the touch of Sun and Midas! 

Carroten tempts you for the tan of your dreams:

Intensive Tanning gel for extreme Sun-touched color for an extraordinary, unique summer look.

  • Formulated with carrot, sunflower, coconut, black sesame and walnut oils, for a quick and easy tan that lasts.
  • With rich moisturising agents and extracts of calendula and chrysanthemum, for intensive skin care and vitamins A&E to protect against premature ageing.
  • With sweet, coconut scent that smells like summer.
  • With shimmering pearls that give your skin a beautiful glow under the sun, highlighting your natural tan (GOLD gel).
  • Dermatologically tested/Water resistant.

Instructions for use/advisory

  • Apply evenly an abundant quantity over the entire body, before sun exposure and reapply frequently, especially after swimming, toweling and perspiring.
  • Avoid sun exposure during midday hours.
  • Over-exposure to the sun, even while using a sunscreen product, is a serious health threat.
  • Does not contain screening filters, thus does not protect from UV radiation.

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