Chemist Confessions Mr. Reliable

$ 35.00

This lightweight, reliable (hah!) moisturizer comes with a balanced blend of humectants, oils, occlusives, and soothing actives for those who don’t have time for anything else.

Mr. Reliable is a balanced soothing moisturizer with 7.2% humectants, 15% emollients, and 2% occlusives to cover your moisturizing needs.
-Water Loving Humectants
5% glycerin
1% Sodium PCA
1% Panthenol
0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate
-Long-term barrier repair, moisturization benefits
3% ceramides complex
-Potent skin soothers
1% boswellia serrata extract
0.5% bisabolol
-Preservative System
Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Disodium EDTA in an airless pump

Have oily skin? Mr. Reliable’s lightweight texture can give you all your moisturizing needs without any unpleasant, sticky feel.
Have dry skin? Mix or layer with Aquafix or The Better Oil for a boost on those especially dry days.

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