Christophe Robin Color Fixator Wheat Germ Shampoo

$ 38.00

Daily color fixator shampoo.

This shampoo has an acid pH that is ideal for colored hair. By sealing the hair's cuticles, it helps to reduce artificial pigment loss and protects the intensity of your color.

Paraben, silicone, colorant free.

To Use: 

Shake the product before use. Apply on damp hair, lather the product well, add water gradually to obtain a very light foam and then rinse thoroughly. 

Use the color fixator wheat germ mask regularly as an essential part of your color maintenance routine. Leave in for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse carefully.

Extra tip :

Alternate the color fixator wheat germ shampoo and mask with the cleansing mask with lemon (once every 4 washes) to supply your hair with other nourishing elements.    

For: Colored hair

When: Every Day


Gently cleanses; Fortifies and protects colored hair; Preserves radiant color

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