Darling Addicted to Sun Medium Protection SPF 15-20

$ 38.00

Darling Sun medium protection is the best sun cream for every skin type, it helps the melanogenesis and protects the skin from sunbeams. For a bronzed skin, thank to rhatany extract and a variety of active substances, that contribute to the protection of the skin from solar radiations, it gives to your whole body a perfect and natural colour.

Monoi de Tahiti is the heavenly perfume that will accompany you in all your days in the sun.The Monoi is produced in Polynesia, deriving from the ancient local tradition, where the coconut oil will macerate with Tiaré flowers to create the exotic fragrance typical of Darling Sun products.

Anti-ageing effect thank to Vitamin E, that protects from UV rays and stops the skin ageing process, and to the presence of Allantoin: anti-age antioxidant and moisturiser. Apricot oil is a further protection against UV rays, emollient and anti-wrinkles, it gives more elasticity to your skin.

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