Acca Kappa Beechwood Nail Brush

$ 44.00

Acca Kappa Beechwood Nail Brush

Our Beechwood Nail Brush comes with double tufted, natural bristles. Our Beechwood brushes are hand-finished and never varnished.

  • Gently brushes away dirt and bacteria.
  • Eco-friendly.

    How To Use 
    Place the nail brush under warm water to slightly wet bristles and add a small amount of soap onto the nail brush. Hold the nail brush with one hand and place the bristles under each of the available hand's fingernails. Gently move the brush from side to side.

    Repeat the same steps on the other hand.

    Product Care 
    Thoroughly rinse the brush with cold water. Allow it to fully dry before next use by placing it on a dry towel with the bristles down. Keep away from moisture sources when not in use.

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