Email Diamant Replenium Toothpaste

$ 23.00

REPLENIUM patented Calcium liquid ™ technology that restores the surface enamel for stronger, whiter, brighter teeth!

Daily food and beverage attack your teeth by eroding their surface. The enamel weakens, stains and plaque bind. The teeth are dull and then lose their shine. Replenium is the solution to combat these daily attacks.

Calcium liquid ™ and fluorine patented Calcium liquid ™ restores the enamel of the teeth by filling small surface irregularities. Combined with fluorine, it prevents the demineralization of enamel and strengthens it for smoother teeth. Better protected, your teeth are stronger, brighter, whiter.

Baking a rate optimum of 35% of bicarbonate for a cleansing action and purifying.

Dental plaque and surface stains are removed and your breath is fresher, longer.

The email is restored for whiter teeth in 1 month *.

Your teeth are whiter as early as 2 weeks *.

Your breath is fresh for a long time.

      * Clinical test - Cuba use * 107 people use Test

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