The Laundress Le Labo Rose 31 Signature Detergent

$ 45.00

A nose in your laundry! Why should the finest perfumes always be condemned to a glass spray bottle? Why should even high-end laundry products merely smell fresh and clean? We know you don’t know and neither do we. The Laundress and Le Labo have hence decided to unite and address these incongruities.

The idea? La crème de la crème of detergent formulas perfumed with Le Labo’s cult range of fragrances. The result? Your favorite sweater or sexy lingerie comes out of the wash clean, with the delicate and ultra-sensual smell of Rose 31. The Laundress and Le Labo are proud to bring this totally new experience to your garment care and expand into this ultimate perfuming gesture!

Looking for natural laundry products that will leave your clothes smelling great? La Labo Rose 31 Signature blends natural, biodegradable detergent with perfume, adding a touch of cumin, olibanum, and cedar to the cleanliness of your clothes. All detergent and perfume is naturally biodegradable, using natural enzymes that are ecofriendly. The Laundress combines the best in laundry detergent with high end perfumes to create a detergent that reinvents clean.

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