LA PEAU Night Cream-Gel

$ 90.00

Night Cream-Gel – Age Defying Complex
LA PEAU stimulating Night Cream contains active ingredients that penetrate in the skin and repair damaged cells.  Rich in microelements, it rejuvenates the skin to dramatically improve firmness, smoothness and elasticity. This advanced cream delays the skin's aging process. Wrinkles appear less pronounced.
Recommendation: Apply gently every night on a clean face.  

LA PEAU 3-product skincare uses the BeCell* complex in all its formulations and contains no animal substances.
The visual results are compelling: after 5-7 days, skin looks dramatically smoother & firmer.
All 3 products have the same fast absorbing, non-greasy texture that restores the elasticity of the skin while delaying its aging process.
PEAU [PO] means "Skin" in French
All products are made in Switzerland and contain the innovative BeCell complex
LA PEAU made by BeFutur Suisse

* BeCell the revolutionary molecular complex stemming from years of research on the skin helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a unique blend of the finest antioxidants, vitamins, amino and minerals. The result is a firming and a glowing skin.

* LA PEAU is member of SWISSCOS – the Swiss Cosmetic Elite Group 100% manufactured in Switzerland.

Be aware of the imitations! Hence with the SWISSCOS Guarantee logo – retailers and customers are able to distinguish between the genuine Swiss made products and imitations.

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