Lactacyd Intimate Washing Lotion + Wipes Combo

$ 25.00

Lactacyd Intimate Washing Lotion + Wipes Combo

Lactacyd Intimate Washing Lotion gives your vagina the protection it needs on a daily basis. Enriched with biological L-lactic acid and a blend of replenishing ingredients, it delivers a fresh, nourishing sensation, helping you to stay free from discomfort all day, every day.
    •    Clinically proven mildness
    •    With revitalizing lactoserum
    •    Mild, discreet perfume
Recommended use
Can be used in the shower or bath as a liquid soap on the external mucosa. Work into a lather, then rinse well under running water. Can be used on a daily basis.

Lactacyd Moist Wipes are formulated with natural L-lactic acid, to respect the natural balance and protection of your intimate zone, and allantoin, known for its soothing properties. Great for use at home, for your daily intimate care, during menstruation, or whenever you want to feel fresh and confident!

300ml & 15 wipes

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