Odile Lecoin OR, the absolute serum

$ 213.00 $ 355.00

25 ml / 1.85 fl oz
The miracle of 24-carat gold OR contains powdered 24-carat gold which is released when the serum is applied. The metal microparticles have a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action for enhancing the complexion and illuminating the face. Day after day, skin is healthier and more beautiful. The secret of this beautifying care is found in the combination of 24-carat gold powder with other powerful activators, such as marine collagen which helps rebuild conjunctive tissue, colloidal gold which boosts the production of collagen and erases wrinkles and ginkgo biloba extract which improves cutaneous microcirculation. Lumiskin, derived from the Chilean boldo tree, also evens the complexion by reducing melanin production and combating blemishes.
OR is a silky-textured product which immediately melts into skin. Use it on clean, makeup-free skin, day and night alone or to complement a cream. Just seconds after application, your complexion is radiant and luminous. After three weeks of daily application, your skin sparkles with beauty.  

Before using for the first time, turn the collar firmly colockwise then shake the bottle well to ensure the contents are properly mixed.

Plastic pump bottle.

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