Révérence de Bastien THE GLASS NAIL FILE – For Smooth and beautiful nails

$ 26.00

The nail file – an essential handbag accessory – maintains the smooth look of the nail cut.
The choice of glass is not only aesthetic, but hygienic too: glass is washable, and therefore can be used again and again.
The perfect nail cut by Bastien
Never cut the nail too short, especially on the lateral parts; the risk of inflammation and ingrown nail when the nail grows back is then higher.
If nails are too long, the matrix-that is, the base of the nail is damaged. As a reaction, the nails grows with a transversal wave.
The ideal
Keep one to two millimetres of the white part of the nail, rather square. Once the nail cut, the file should round the angles off so that they don’t traumatize the skin.
The right way to use the file :
In order to get harmonious nails without aggressive angles, the best technique consists in filing in one go, on the total length of the nail.

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