18" Semi-flex Body-Reach+ Bendable "Unbreakable" Lotion Applicator Including 1 year supply of Sponge-Ables

$ 22.00

The 18" Semi-Flexible plastic wand can bend into a curve for better reach and holds its shape during use. It is light weight and unbreakable!  Bend and straighten it over again and again. "For anyone with good to limited range of motion"

The Body-REACH+ 18" Semi-Flex+ Wand is ideal for anyone with good to limited range of motion in their shoulders and arms, or when bending at the waist. Perfect for applying any type of topical skin care treatment or medication to your back or your feet. Also works great as a shower brush and backscratcher.

Contoured plastic "hydroplane head" has a large VELCRO® brand fastener "hook" disc for attaching any of our useful self-care attachment tools which are ideal for personal hygiene, skin care, product applications, and your well-being.


  • Extends your physical reach
  • Works with your range of motion
  • Increases your independence
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Allows for proper care of your skin
  • Saves you money – non-absorbent pad does not waste your products or medications


  • Contoured handle for a secure grip
  • Elastic wrist strap for better control
  • Toe sponge VELCRO® brand fasteners disc for easy cleaning between your toes
  • Includes (4) Sponge-Ables that are instantly removable, washable, reversible, reusable, and non-absorbing sponge pads.

More than a lotion applicator . . . Use the Body-REACH+ Bendable Body Wand for applying... lotions, creams, ointments, sun screens, self-tanners, moisturizers, soaps, body washes, body scrubs, medical treatments, acne treatments, exfoliating products, muscle pain relievers, insect repellents, aloe vera, and more... VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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