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Introducing A313 Vitamin A Pommade 50 g (Closest Version to Avibon Available).

For those who cannot wait further for Avibon's reformulation, we are temporarily offering the closest product available: A313 vitamin A pommade
Same great OTC french pharmacy-grade quality vitamin A at a lower price-point, in the same great aluminum tube while 66% larger than Avibon.
A313 offers the same retinoic acid effect on wrinkles and fine lines, at a slightly lower concentration than Avibon. 200,000 U.I. pure vitamin A concentrate.

How to use

Only use this product at night because of the photosensitivity of the vitamin A. Use a small amount and warm in hands before applying.
You can mix this product with your favorite night serums or treatments.


Synthetic Vitamin A (from concentrate)
Macrogol 400
Macrogol 4000
Polysorbate 80

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