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Antica Farmacista

Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin Diffuser

Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin Diffuser

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The signature product in our collection. Utilizing apothecary inspired bottles filled with exquisite fragrance, the scent permeates the air via our signature reeds which are inserted into the bottle. The reeds absorb the fragrance and subtly distribute it throughout the air, providing lasting, beautiful scent. Customize the intensity by flipping the reeds — flip every day for more intense scent or once a week for more subtle fragrance.

A delightful twist on a Vanilla-based fragrance. The sweet richness of warm vanilla is paired with crisp, full-bodied mandarin and the spicy essence of bourbon, resulting in a rich, delectably sweet gourmand fragrance.

Crisp Satsuma Mandarin, Sweet Clementine, Orange Peel
Heliotrope, Bright Verbena, Spicy Bourbon
Warm Amber, Bourbon Vanilla, Labdanum Balsam


Hydrophilic Glycol, Alcohol, Fragrance

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