Bliss 'Fuzz' Off Foam Body Hair Removal Spray

$ 16.00 $ 32.00

Bliss 'Fuzz' Off Foam Spray-on, Rinse off Fresh-Scented Body Hair Removal Spray Foam 

Fuzz Off Foam - Bliss Fuzz Off Foam is a spray-on, rinse-off, light-as-air, fresh-scented foaming depilatory that removes unwanted hair and is infused with a powerful hair inhibiting complex, skin-soothing conditioning extracts, and a deeply nourishing double butter complex.It effectively and painlessly removes unwanted body hair without the need to get hands messy. It also helps to reduce future hair growth as it deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes skin leaving it soft-to-the touch and silky-smooth.(5.5 oz.)  - Fuzz Off Foam


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