CB I Hate Perfume 205 7 Billion Hearts

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7 BILLION HEARTS is blended from very fine Vanilla absolutes from Tahiti and Madagascar with a base composed of smoky resinous notes. As the perfume warms on the skin, the vanilla slowly emerges through a veil of smoke. The effect is enticing, warm and delicious.

There are now or will shortly be seven billion people on this planet. Seven billion souls hoping and dreaming. Seven billion hearts beating. One of them inevitably beats for you. As Elizabeth Bishop so rightly put it, somebody loves us all. When we feel despondent or lonely and in need of some comfort, we need to keep this in mind.

Vanilla is one of the few flavors/fragrances truly loved the world over. Its subtle sweet smokiness has come to instantly signal comfort, kindness, home, love. But the planet cannot provide enough vanilla to satisfy our hunger for it. Much is synthetic and the rest extraordinarily expensive. However, when you are fortunate enough to encounter true vanilla, you realize there can be nothing like it and you understand its value.

This perfume is in the Reinvention Series as it was inspired by the gorgeous rich sensual vanilla/amber perfumes of the early 20th century.

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