CB I Hate Perfume 610 Outside

$ 125.00

Lavender, Geranium, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Bergamot and a touch of Oregano.

From the creator:

I hate bugs. Particularly mosquitoes. So this perfume began in 1992 as a bug repellant for me when I lived in the country. I knew from my research that one of the principal reasons plants produce their essential oils is to protect themselves from insects and I discovered several essential oils that were particularly effective to protect me from insects as well. The challenge then became to blend these various oils so that they truly smelled like perfume. Which, after a period of experimentation, is just what I did.

CB OUTSIDE was first introduced in my gallery back in 2005 and has proved very popular ever since. So popular in fact that many have asked me to do it as an actual perfume. So I have. This version in my ready-to-wear collection is deeper and richer than the original but still keeps away bugs.

People are often astonished that something that smells so good can actually work in keeping flying pests away. But it does. From Connecticut to Cambodia, OUTSIDE keeps people from being eaten alive and smelling fabulous.

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