Cer'8 Senzazzz Kids Mosquito Repellant Stickers (set of 24)

$ 27.00

Scented stickers with microcapsules from extracts lemoneucalyptuskai wild tomato extract known since ancient times for its insect repellent properties. The innovative shape of the product makes it unique. The components of the product not in contact with the skin and their effect lasts in open space up to 4 hours in a closed overnight.

To start action of the product should break the microcapsules are in the sticker. Once this is done immediately release the scent and begin action. Each patch creates a protective radius of one meter.

The product is equally effective even if instead of the body stuck to clothes, the table, bed, bedside table, bag etc. It is ideal for outdoor activities, it is particularly practical to use and carry and protects you without smeared, sprayed or contaminated. It is ideal and completely safe for children and the joyful paintings on its surface make the child plays with them.

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