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Roge Cavailles

Regulating Deo-Care Roll-On

Regulating Deo-Care Roll-On

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48-hour antiperspirant protection for sensitive skin. Exclusive formula enriched with absorbent micro-talc providing 48-hour effective protection against wetness.
Regulates perspiration without blocking pores, allowing the skin to breathe.
Its absorbent micro-talc prevents the formation of body odour and triethyl citrate prevents bacterial growth.
A creamy formula enriched with vitamin E and surgras agents that gently protects and cares* for the skin.

For people with normal perspiration and sensitive skin.
*Personal hygiene care
48-hour protection.
A fresh and pleasant fragrance.

🇫🇷 French Pharmacy

How to use

Apply daily to clean underarms.
Let dry for a few minutes before getting dressed.


An alcohol-free formula for sensitive skin.
No alcohol or parabens.
Allergen-free fragrance.
Tolerance clinically tested by dermatologists on sensitive skin

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