Frownies Facial Patches for Wrinkles on the Forehead & Between Eyes

$ 23.95

144 Patches
Frownies Facial Pads Eliminate Wrinkles While You Sleep
Frownies Patches are the only products available that retrain the muscles below the skin to release the unattractive creases that have developed and to relax into a smooth, natural position. Frownies do this without any harsh chemicals and since they are changing the shape of the muscle they provide lasting results that continue to improve with continued use.
FROWNIES (FBE) Patches are an anti wrinkle treatment that addresses the physical cause of facial wrinkles between the eyes (sometimes called elevens) and forehead wrinkles. Frownies, traditional patch works at night to eliminate skin wrinkles and in fact, allows the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger looking skin. For lines that are so deep you may be considering a wrinkle filler try Frownies Patch first. Lines can be reversed at night while you sleep. Frownies are applied directly over the wrinkles between the eyes or on the forehead. Smooth out the skin, apply the patch and leave it on at least three hours to gently re-educate the underlying muscles.
Immune Perféct under the patch accelerates the healing and Immune Shield after you remove the patch supplies Vitamin E serum to build skin integrity.

Never Need Wrinkle Fillers
Before these lines become deep stop them, by wearing Frownies Patches a few nights a month directly over the lines. Lines in their early stages will be gone in three nights, deeper lines taking longer. When the lines are no longer visible; you no longer need to wear your Frownies Patch. When you start to see the lines reappear wear the patch again it is as simple as that. You will never again consider an injected wrinkle filler.
FROWNIES Natural Wrinkle reduction for forehead wrinkles, splint the muscles under the appearing skin lines and watch them change one night after the next. FROWNIES have been called the easiest wrinkle reducer by Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Frownies are facial pads made from natural, skin-friendly materials of unbleached Kraft paper and a vegetable starch based adhesive. 144 patches in each box, patches are not reusable.
Product Patented by B&P Company Owners of “Frownies”
Rose Water Toner Hydrator is used to activate the adhesive on the patch.

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