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Bloc Hyalin 100% Natural Alum Stone

Bloc Hyalin 100% Natural Alum Stone

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Natural Mineral Deodorant and After Shave. An ultimate ingenious life-hack product and the best kept secret: natural alum stone. Naturally occurring potassium salt mineral has strong antibacterial properties, so it can be used as a deodorant, or to prevent irritation after shaving or waxing, works on spots too! As a deodorant it’s totally odorless, and leaves your clothes unmarked.

How to use

Bloc Hyalin is skin care’s best kept secret. Among the product’s many uses:

Natural deodorant that prevents the formation of bacteria that causes body odor
Calms razor burn after shaving
Reduces discomfort and ingrown hairs due to waxing
Dries up acne and sores on the lips
Helps limit sweaty feet and palms
Astringent properties firm and tone the skin


Bloc Hyalin is 100% natural potassium salt (double sulfate, composed of aluminum sulfate and potassium; INCI name: potassium alum), extracted from saline and quarries around the world.

This salt is purified to remove impurities. Potassium alum is totally inert and thus not absorbed by skin cells, which makes it absolutely harmless.

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