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Curve Creative Curl Wand

Curve Creative Curl Wand

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A revolutionary tapered wand with tri-zone® technology to guarantee constant, even optimum temperature for healthier-looking, tousled curls that last.

Key benefits:
• Creates long-lasting styles
• Intensifies hair color
• Makes healthy-looking curls

How to use

• Use the GHD CURL HOLD SPRAY - CURLY EVER AFTER before styling to protect your hair and for up to 24 hour curl hold.
• Always place curve on its stand when not in use.
• For perfect curls, make sure the size of your section is no larger than the width of the wand.
• Make styling easy by splitting your hair into sections and curling one side at a time.
• Wrap hair around the wand, making sure to not overlap hair. Hold for eight to 10 seconds, depending on your hair type.

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