Hamadi Organics Shea Leave In

$ 22.00


A celebrity favorite and one of our top-sellers! This organic hair styling product smoothes fly-aways and tames curls with nourishing shea butter and is an absolute must for natural protection against the sun’s harsh rays. Leave in after washing hair for light conditioning that won’t weigh the hair down but still delivers great shine. Also can be used for natural styling to heal hair on the go. Massage any excess into skin as a moisturizer.


Key Essential Oils + Organic Ingredients

Aloe. . . . . . . Soothing, moisturizing; rejuvenates skin and scalp

Jojoba . . . . . Moisturizing, soothing, healing anti-oxidant

Rosemary . . . Invigorating, balancing; stimulates circulation

Verbena . . . . .Toning; stress-reducing; natural antiseptic

Ylang Ylang . . Revitalizing, mood-enhancing; promotes hair growth

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