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Chiropody Sponge

Chiropody Sponge

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With one gentle treatment, the Heros Chiropody Sponge removes painful corns, ugly callouses, horny and rough skin. Its use assists local circulation and helps to keep you feeling fit.

How to use

• Place sponge into warm water;
• Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes;
• Rub the sponge a few times against a piece of soap (any good quality soap will do).
• Then rub the sponge gently but firmly against the corn, callous or horny skin (it is essential that the soap be rubbed into the sponge before use).

After treating a corn, a tiny dimple may remain. Try to remove this painful dimple with the same rubbing action, using a corner of the sponge until it disappears. to facilitate keeping your feet smooth and blemish-free at all times.

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