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Inneov Densilogy man 1 month 60 tablets are useful to give volume to the hair with a dietary intake of zinc. This dietary supplement is available on Pharmasimple, the online drugstore.

Throughout the year, a person can lose an average of up to 35000 hair. This is quite natural. However, other factors may worsen the situation. Stress, change of season, aging or simply a dietary deficiency may impair the health of hair bulbs. They represent the root hair growth where fibers are located. When their balance is disturbed, this results in the loss of hair mass, known as "alopecia". To remedy this, the laboratories have Inneov man Densilogy point 1 month 60 tablets.

This treatment helps fill the nutritional needs for the conservation of a denser hair and well maintained. These main assets are specifically chosen for their effectiveness in the field of dermatology.

- Taurine: improves strength hair regrowth and regulates sebum secretion;

- Zinc: acts as an anti-free radical in order to protect cells against oxidative stress. It is also essential in the synthesis of keratin. Finally, it contributes greatly to the hydration and nutrition of the follicles.



The dosage of Inneov Densilogy man 1 month 60 tablets per unit is 2 tablets daily with meals. This treatment does not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated dose. This product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.



- Taurine ;

- Zinc ;

- Vitamine D ;

- Association d’oméga 3.

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