Jiva Apoha Kama (Love) Body Oil

$ 60.00

2 fl oz

Calming • Tranquility • Joy

All Natural Sesame & Sunflower oils. 100% Pure Essential Water Lily, Lotus, Ylang Ylang & Black Musk oils.

Breezy, lighthearted and deserving of every last bit of attention it garners from admirers, Kama has an uncanny ability to transform skin care into skin love. Its fragrance walks the delicate line between clean and sensual with confidence. Kama's bright, watery, feminine and floral character lingers on the skin for hours like the memory of a lover’s touch, enhanced by resinous Black Musk for a subtle depth charge. Consider Kama an all-natural auto-tune for your attitude, and keep your heart open to let pleasure in.

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