Jiva Apoha Zeppelin Body Oil

$ 60.00


Dreamtime • In-Flight • Divinity
Organic Sesame Oil. Pure Essential Oils of Ravensara, Muna Muna (Andean Mint), Silver Fir, Clary Sage & Rosemary.
The lightness of a dream only receives its gravity when the dreamer awakens. We recall moments of our night bird’s flight, wings quivering between eye-blinks. Zeppelin Body Blend helps you carry your journey through the night and into your waking hours. Like food, water and oxygen, sleep is a non-negotiable necessity. Leave it to our new dream-time blend to transform sleep into a luxury. Ravensara, Muna Muna, Silver Fir, Clary Sage and Rosemary create a highly herbaceous scent evocative of the prized intangible qualities of our dream-lives. It will cover you in decadent swaths of soporific seduction, coaxing vivid visions and lucid dreams. With time, it mellows and softens into a gentle, furry herbal mint, then becomes a bit sweeter as it succumbs to the serene warmth of your skin at rest. It works immediately to deeply relax you at bedtime, to enhance your intuition and visions, help support proper breathing so you sleep well and dream without limits. You may not be conscious to experience Zeppelin’s scent all through the night, but on some level, that glorious, sexy brain of yours will certainly be getting the message. It’s saying, FLY! YOU’RE FREE…. And Zeppelin is your content and steady mystical co-pilot.

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