Lanolin-Agg-Tval Eggwhite Facial Care Soap Box of 6

$ 21.00

Victorias Eggwhite facial soap have been a part of healthy caring of the skin in Sweden for generations. 

Originally prepared by Swedish women in the home, an eggwhite facial was weekly tradition to maintain pure, glowing skin.

Directions: Work up a good lather then smooth the foam on the face and neck and let it stay for 5 minutes. Impurities will be drawn from the pores naturally. Upon rinsing, a rosey glow appears on the skin.

Gentle rose water and lanolin are added to sooth and make the skin soft to the touch.

Made by Victoria Soap in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB is a Swedish family run company that was founded in 1905 in Helsingborg Sweden. Since the early 1900s they have produced soap of the highest quality in their soap factory. Their long tradition and experience has led to long standing brand names such as: Cremosin, Tallba, Victoria and Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål. Since 1924 they have had the honor of being the purveyor to his Majesty the King.

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