LipZor Targeted Treatment for Cold Sores

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LipZor Light Device Targeted Treatment for Cold Sores

Using patented technology, this cold sore machine delivers safe, therapeutic invisible light at a precise waveband of 1072 nanometers to the affected area, stimulating the natural immune response and helping the body heal more rapidly. 

Easy to use: Press the power button and place the device over the cold sore. Listen for the beep indicating that the therapeutic light is at work. The device will automatically switch itself off at the end of the three-minute treatment cycle. For best results, use three times a day for two days. Always read the instruction leaflet carefully before use. 

  • Can reduce healing time by 3 days* 
  • Effective during and after tingling phase
  • Stimulates natural immune response for faster healing
  • Re-usable device for future outbreaks

For use age 16 years and over. Keep out of sight and reach of children.

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