Mr Natty’s Famous Beard Elixir

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Mr Natty’s Famous Beard Elixir is like nectar for your facial hair. We sourced the best natural oils and blended them together to create a beautifully scented elixir that would be fit for every man’s face forest. Just keep it under lock and key... we find that Mrs Natty likes to pinch it and use it as her own ‘perfume’. FYI: Mrs Natty does not have a beard of her own.
Skin can get dry under your face forest and some of those hairs have a nasty habit of ingrowing. Just massaging a few drops of our elixir into your beard or heavy stubble will help your face feel invigorated while your skin is gently moisturised (helping to alleviate ingrowing hairs) and your beard is conditioned.

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