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Neumentix Focus Tea Spearmint

Neumentix Focus Tea Spearmint

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18 servings per container

For Focus and Attention
- Herbal Supplement
- Powder Dissolves in Hot Water
- Sustainably Grown - Certified SCS Global Services
- Spearmint
- Non GMO - LE Certified
- Better Concentration is just a warm cup away.

Brain food never tasted so good. Focus Tea is a scientifically validated, herbal tea supplement made with Neumentix, a USA-grown, sustainably harvested spearmint extract. Packed with over 50 distinct polyphenols that support cognitive performance, this herbal tea delivers an immediate boost for mental focus and concentration.

How to use

Pour FocusTea powder into 8 fl.oz. of hot water, stir, and enjoy!

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