Odile Lecoin OR, j’aime

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THE ultimate day cream
A wealth of active ingredients
OR, j’aime provides total care for illuminating skin. It restores the skin’s moisturizing ability and strengthens the epidermal defense function through a combination of two extremely effective active ingredients: hyaluronic acid in a sodium form and Fucogel®.  Hyaluronic acid in a sodium form acts on the dermal hydration rate, the tone of cutaneous tissue, the slippage of collagen fibers and the protection of subcutaneous tissue. Fucogel® helps cells stay young by stimulating epidermal sirtuins and cellular renewal. Enriched in vitamin E and rose hip oil, OR, j’aime protects the skin from external aggression and free radicals to reveal a perfect complexion. Finally, hazelnut, macadamia and Abyssinian crambe oils add suppleness and resistance.
The pleasure of soft, moisturized skin
OR, j’aime was designed to provide a feeling of immediate comfort. Applied every morning, following serum application if indicated, the cream is immediately absorbed and leaves skin satiny smooth and lastingly moisturized. Right after application, a few lights taps with the fingers will stimulate microcirculation and facilitate activator absorption.

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