Odile Lecoin OR, je suis

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THE serum anti-wrinkle par excellence
I am young and it shows. 
I am beautiful and can forget about my age.
I am strong, energetic, more captivating than ever.
The secret of smooth, elastic skin is found inside the formula of this amazing serum which immediately tones down fine and deeper wrinkles. Organic oat extract is a powerful tightener with a high molecular weight which lifts the skin surface by adjusting to the cutaneous microrelief. It acts on wrinkle number and depth in a visible way. Wheat germ extract improves the skin’s elasticity and protects it from the effects of aging. Silk proteins and riboflavin contribute to making skin more beautiful, more radiant and firmer. 

An immediate effect
A veritable concentrate of power and energy for skin, OR, je suis is designed to be applied day and night to the face, neck and upper bust; rub it in with your fingertips, paying special attention to the eye contour and laugh lines. One minute after application, the skin is smooth, radiant, supple and soft. One hour later, fine and deeper wrinkles are less noticeable, as if by magic. After a few weeks of daily application, the skin is transformed and appears truly younger.
OR, je suis is also an excellent makeup base which is greatly appreciated by professional makeup artists. 

Glass pump bottle.

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