PRZMAN Mane Man Botanical Beard Oil

$ 25.00

4.1 oz

Itchy, Dry Beard? Not Anymore, We Have Your Fix.

MANE MAN combines a superpower blend of nutrient-rich oils that soften and moisturize burly hair follicles. Quickly absorbing deep beneath the beard, this grease-free oil contains a natural hydrating formula that helps eliminates the itch, while also keeping your beard feeling fresh.

Helps bring balance to skin that is discolored.

Its microbial and antibacterial properties are perfect for nourishing really dry areas. Great for handling the density of men's skin.

It doesn’t take much. Pump 1 to 2 drops into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and massage thoroughly into your facial hair. Extra oil can be smoothed onto your scalp, eyebrows and sideburns.

The bacteria fighting power of Lemon and Basil, the soothing comfort of Sesame Oil, and a nutrient punch of Vitamins A, C and E.

Use MANE MAN as a multi-function oil to strengthen your cuticles and repair rough skin on the knees and heels.

100% natural and free from artificial fragrances and colors

Safe for all MANkind

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