Rahua Freestyle Texturizer

$ 34.00

This effective and flexible Freestyle Texturizer is the perfect choice for creating styles with effortless texture, body and hold. A natural, high performance alternative to synthetic stylers, made with the most exclusive plant derived ingredients from the Amazon rainforest.


CARNAUBA WAX - provides staying power—yet rinses out like a dream.

RAHUA-UNGURAHUA - rich with omega-9, fortifies strands.

PALO SANTO - “holy wood”, precious to Amazonian shamans, is Rahua’s signature scent, offering a sophisticated, earthy aroma; while providing a soothing aromatherapy experience.

TAPIOCA STARCH - provides support, hold & separation for styles.

3.6 fl oz / 105ml

Simply apply to damp or dry hair directly to the roots for volume, to the ends for texture, or throughout to “Freestyle” your hair. STYLING TIP: Flip your hair over to one side and work the product into the roots and the underside of hair. Flip hair back over and apply again to small sections at the ends only, twisting and working into hair to create a piecey texture.

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