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Rene Furterer Paris

Lumicia Illuminating Shine Rinse

Lumicia Illuminating Shine Rinse

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The LUMICIA Illuminating shine rinse is the ultimate beauty gesture for brilliantly shiny hair.

Its unique and authentic formula using Fioravanti alcoholate, an ancestral plant preparation, and Acerola vinegar, rich in vitamin C, neutralizes hard water and tightens the hair’s cuticles to reveal mirror shine and make detangling easier. LUMICIA Illuminating shine rinse is the ancestral beauty secret for shiny hair.

Use LUMICIA Illuminating shine rinse on the days that you color your hair to set the color. Its acidic pH seals the hair cuticles raised by hair dye.

How to use

Mist the Illuminating shine rinse over clean, wet hair.
Finish with a short rinse of cool water.
Use as often as desired.

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