Rene Furterer Paris Triphasic ATP Intensif

$ 82.00

This concentrated leave-in serum is formulated to address the three factors (vascular, hormonal, tissular) that contribute to hereditary progressive hair thinning.

Featuring patented natural Pfaffia extract along with Orange and Lavender essential oils to energize the scalp, Curbicia (Squash Seed) extract to reduce excess oil and promote an environment for healthy hair, ATP Intensif to provide energy for the follicles, plus Biotrinine to optimize hair health, this three-month regimen promotes the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.
No-rinse, 3-month natural treatment for progressive, hereditary hair thinning
Single-dose ampules for easy, direct application to the scalp
Massage tip applicator

Sudden and temporary hair thinning can be caused by stress, dietary imbalance, post-pregnancy hormonal changes and other factors.`

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