Révérence de Bastien Black Diamond Scrub

$ 114.00

6.8 fl oz / 200 ml
This mineral foaming scrub combines black diamond, particles of mother of pearl and black volcanic sand. It permits a vigorous natural exfoliation of the foot, helping to clear away dead skin cells, leaving it smooth and silky.
Active ingredients
The black volcanic sand with its bigger beads, made of quartz, allows a natural mechanical exfoliation of the dead skin cells.
The essential oils of Thyme and Sage help the epidermis to maintain healthy thanks to their purifying properties.
Directions for use
Apply on dry feet and spread the scrub all over the surface of the epidermis. Then exfoliate while focusing on the driest areas (back of the heel). Add a small amount of water to make the scrub foam and rinse thouroughly until no product is left.
Use once a week or more if needed.Your feet will be baby soft.
Bastien’s advice
Don’t agress the skin on your feet with a foot file or pumice stone, using a scrub wont damage the collagen structure of the skin. Maintain the skin’s moisture levels and elasticity by applying the Sensitive Feet Balm directly after exfoliation.
The scrub is also effective on dry hands, elbows, and knees.
A luxury exfoliation for immediate satisfaction: the feet’s best friend.

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