Révérence de Bastien Unguent Oil for Nails and Cuticles

$ 35.00

.5 fl oz / 15 ml
This combination of essential oils and medicinal plants softens the cuticles, feeds and protects the inguinal texture from daily irritants
Active ingredients
    •    The Argan oil, rich of unsaturated fatty acids, is widely recognized for its benefac- tions on nails. Rich in vitamins E, it is a recognied anti-oxidant oil. It strengthens the brittle nails, softens and hydrates cuticles.
    •    Essential oil of Camellia: soothes and strengthens the surface of the nail (nail degradation) as well as the epidermis around (painful cuticles). Its fortifying and protective.
    •    Arnica ensures a proper irrigation of the tissues.
    •    Red berries give a final healthy touch
To use:
Apply one drop of unguent over each nail and massage the tip of fingers insisting on growing cuticles until complete absorption of the product. Repeat daily during winter or summer holidays.
One drop is enough to give nails vitality and shine. Cuticles disappear.
Bastien’s advice
Don’t suffocate the nails under a coat of varnish. 
A buffing paste applied with chamois leather will do wonders to make them look shiny.

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