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Cythere Fragrance Spray

Cythere Fragrance Spray

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The Rigaud fragrance spray is ideal for instantly creating a scented atmosphere in the house. One press on the pump at a distance of about one meter from textiles such as drapes, cushions, curtains, rugs and carpets is enough to pleasingly scent them. It’s a simple way to give the entire room a pleasant fragrance.

A beautifully-designed and elegant cylindrical glass, decorated with a silver-metal band and frosted cap.

Come with me on a voyage of gourmandise, rich in contrasts and bursting with marvels. My fruity notes reveal hints of jasmine, delicate and transparent, on a slightly musky backdrop.

100 ml of fragrance solution
Diameter 4.3 cm
Height 14.8 cm


Top notes: Red fruits
Middle notes: Jasmine - fresh spices
Base notes: Cedar - white musk

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