SEPAI Basic Purify 4D Facial Exfoliator Gommage Visage

$ 74.00 $ 105.00

Cellular renewal treatment that with its unique formula incorporates four, in depth, cleansing mechanisms. Its powerful actives of enzymatic effect, as well as the natural polyhydroxy acids, weaken the outer layers of the skin in order to give way to the live cells. Minute particles of bamboo extract exfoliate whilst activating the micro-circulation and the white clay base cleanses and absorbs the remains of the impurities.
PURIFY 4D for the face, in an efficient and non-aggressive manner, eliminates the dead cells and reveals a uniform, soft luminous skin. Formulated with Bromelain and papain, gluconolactone, bamboo extract and white clay, this exfoliating compound cleanses the pores in depth, prevents the formation of black heads and provides a deeper penetration for cosmetic treatment.
To use:
After facial cleansing, apply 20 doses of product on a wet palm and with the other hand apply 4 drops of water and mix with the index finger. Apply the product on the face starting with the areas in greater need of exfoliation. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the face. Massage gently using two fingers from each hand (avoiding the eyelids) in ascending circles for 2 minutes. Leave as a mask for 10 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply BALANCING toner and then your usual beauty treatment.

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