SKINTX Stretch Vinyl Exam Powder-Free Gloves

$ 11.99

SKINTX Stretch Vinyl Exam Powder-Free Gloves by TG Medical are premium vinyl gloves that offer first-rate stretchability at an affordable price. Additional ingredients are added to SKINTX Stretch for added elongation that clings to the hand better. This stretch property makes the glove feel more like latex than a traditional vinyl glove, but without the rubbery feel.

In addition to the enhanced stretch property, the glove's surface is smooth, while offering tactile sensitivity. Also, they are exam grade; making them protective enough for medical professionals to use. However, medical professionals are not the only ones who can benefit from these new gloves. Their affordability compared to nitrile and latex gloves make them ideal for law enforcement, nursing home and daycare settings. 

SKINTX Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves are Powder-Free and Latex-Free to avoid allergy issues for those wearing the gloves and to reduce contamination. It's available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-large. Each box contains 100 gloves

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