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A dietary supplement that tackles the four major factors aggravating cellulite: stored fat, water retention, poor blood circulation and inflammation.
Take two tablets a day, one in the morning and one at noon, with a large glass of water.
- Grape marc acts on the storage of fats, inflammatory phenomena and blood circulation. It helps to reduce cellulite and smooth orange peel.
Grapefruit , rich in bioflavonoids that improve the structure of blood vessels, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts blood circulation and eliminates toxins to drain cellulite.
- Guarana , rich in caffeine and endowed with diuretic properties, it accelerates the burning of fat and fight against the retention of water.
- Green tea , rich in catechins, caffeine and tannins, it has both diuretic and fat-burning power to combat water retention and fat storage.
- Purple carrot promotes good blood circulation and acts on inflammatory phenomena.
- Vitamin B3 contributes to the firmness and beauty of the skin

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