Tade' Eau d'Alun Deodorant Naturel Alum Deodorant Spray

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Alun Tadé is 100% mineral potassium alum, which regulates perspiration and neutralizes odors for 24 hours!

Alum of potassium 100% mineral, in bottle spray. A spray in the hollow of the armpit, on the feet or in the hands and you are fresh for the day! The crystals at the bottom ensure perfect alum saturation of the solution. Proven efficiency 24 h.

Aqua, potassium alum, benzyl alcohol.

* Natural origin / * Natural origin.

A simple vaporization limits the development of odors and leaves the skin to breathe naturally. Carefully clip the cap after each use to avoid crystallization of the opening. Without allergen and neutral, alum of pure potassium is suitable for all skins.


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